5 Things I Loved About This Week: 07/05/2014



1) My new planner arrived and ERMEGHERD it is beautiful. Monthly, weekly, daily planning and goal-making with assessment tools. I love this planner so much that I plan on doing a separate review at some point. This week got chaotic with a sick kid and work schedule changes. Keeping tabs on my family’s schedule, my work goals and meetings, and my personal goals was key to keeping me sane.

2) Speaking of being an organization nerd, I finally have daily and weekly chores planned for everyone, chore charts for Atticus and Hope, and a plan to tackle in depth cleaning and decluttering in small, daily snippets of time. Let’s hope it works!

3) I finished two books!!! Now I’m only three books behind on my yearly reading goal (groan). Let’s hope this is a sign that my reading mojo is back and ready to kick butt.

4) Hope was baptized on Sunday and then there was a huge church picnic afterwards. I got to spend time with my parents, my brother and sister-in-law, and Sam’s mom and her husband. It was nice seeing everyone at a time other than Christmas.

5) Persy Jane was sick with a tummy bug earlier in the week. Typically this would NOT be something I love, but the bug was kinda low key and she was so freaking snuggly. We watched all of season three of Sherlock on Netflix and cuddled, cuddled, cuddled. She is the squishiest, silliest, sweetest Pea-pie ever.

Just a few hours after pukefest. Isn't this the happiest sick kid you've ever seen?

Just a few hours after pukefest. Isn’t this the happiest sick kid you’ve ever seen?

I’m feeling pretty good about next week! I hope y’all had a lovely holiday weekend!



  1. I need some of that reading mojo. Realized today that there were four days this week when I did not actually OPEN a book to read. This NEVER happens. Planning to take an afternoon on Monday just to read and hopefully get my mojo back. Lovely new planner. I tend to buy them and not use them. Glad your daughter is feeling better!

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