Goodbye, June

In June I…

Started celebrating what I loved about each week by selecting five moments to highlight.

I embraced writing in a journal again.

I enjoyed time with my family.

I resolved to limit my contact with negative social media.

I cherished many hugs and conversations with my kids. The conversations with the teen are private (girl talk!) but Atticus is at that age where the adorable conversations are plentiful (for example this one and this one).

I revitalized my reading. Sure, I only finished one audiobook and one book, but I enjoyed them. I purchased books, read more blogs, watched more booktube, and thought about what I read on a daily basis. I even posted four reading updates (1, 2, 3, 4) I would have finished my second book yesterday (just 30 pages to go in The Professor) but a puking toddler quickly obliterated time to read.

I’m back to making things. I’m knitting, stitching, AND baking again. It feels wonderful to be back to creating things for people to enjoy even if it takes away from my reading time.

I became more involved at church. I volunteer at the church cafe every other week and I’ve taken on sending out handwritten notes to first and second time guests. Hope has also been very active at church with youth activities each week and she was baptized on Sunday (which fills me with joy).

July will be a very busy month. Hope starts high school the first full-week of August and she has band camp the last two weeks of July. Needless to say I’ll spend July getting things organized, buying school supplies and taking her shopping for clothes. August is the start of our academic year with Sam starting a new set of course and a new work schedule, the library will be busier with faculty returning, and even Atticus will be moving up to the “big side” of the daycare. So yes, lots of planning and shopping and whatnot in July to prepare for a smooth transition to . My goal for the month is to stay present and positive. I have a good feeling about July.


  1. It sounds like you found some much-needed balance during June. I read like a fiend in June, probably because that is one way I escape reality and decompress. I cut back quite a bit on Facebook, and then saw that there was some kind of experiment on Facebook users, where they introduced lots of depressing stories to see if users became depressed….Or something like that. Luckily, I wasn’t paying attention.

  2. I started a journal at 6 and am quite devoted to it, but have let myself go long spans of time w/o journaling — but every time I return to it, I feel so good! That, and reading, are things I just adore and must remember to do (now, at least, when I’m so wildly stressed abt personal things).

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