Readerly Rambles: 06/16/2014

What I’m Reading: I am so so so close to finishing The Game of Thrones. I should finish it by tomorrow night. I’ve been told that I will want to jump into the next book right away, but I really want to pause. I need to read a few other things and I am a big believer in leaving a bit of room to digest readings when reading a series. I don’t want to get so caught up in the plot because I’m afraid I will race through everything and miss details. That’s what happened the first time I read Harry Potter. Order of the Phoenix had just been published and I rushed through all five books. I missed a lot of details or didn’t make connections and I kept having to go back and look at the other novels after I finished the series to see all the little details I missed.

Moby-Dick: I’m shelving Moby-Dick for now. I am absolutely enjoying the book, but I feel my mind wandering. It isn’t wandering because I’m bored or overwhelmed. I just find I am making myself read a little bit of Moby-Dick so I can get back to The Game of Thrones. This means I’m not really focusing on what I’m reading. I want to fully immerse myself in both novels, but I cannot. Maybe if I quit my job and hired a nanny and a maid, but that isn’t really feasible.

What’s Up Next: I swear I will take a break and read something else before digging into A Clash of Kings. I WILL read my Classics Club Spin book (The Professor) and Trollope’s Doctor Thorne.

General Malaise: I am so behind on reading. I see so many folks finishing book after book. Granted my reads are a bit thicker now, but still! I feel like such a fakey-fake book girl. To compound the problem I have an intense desire to go book shopping, and to go to the library, and to pretty much overwhelm my life with books. I may have to break up with book blogs for a while; they just seem to underscore my stagnation. Except I’m not stagnate! I am reading for at least an hour to three hours a day, but I am having trouble completing things as quickly as I’d like. I’m whining (stamps foot).

Happy Reading!


  1. May was such a bad reading month for me. I’m finally caught up on Doctor Thorne… more than a month late. Oh well, if it helps, it’s my favorite so far! I read GOT for the first time just a couple months ago and loved it!

  2. I agree that blogging can be overwhelming. I am reading multiple books at the same time because I
    want to post more and more reviews. I too need to slow down and read one book at a time.

    You have a lovely blog. Good luck on your reading plans this summer 🙂

  3. I know what you mean. Sometimes reading other blogs takes up a lot of time. And there are so many great blogs that it becomes a challenge to balance your time for reading books, reading other reviews, and writing your own.

  4. I think I might have to leave Moby-Dick for now as well: finding it hard to stay focussed on it, and I read someone’s review of the first 20 chapters and I was rather disappointed in how much I’d missed!

  5. You’re reading 1-3 hours a day?! You’re on a roll! I’m reading children’s books right now but nothing else. Game of Thrones is such a good book. I remember turning the pages as fast as I can when I read it.

    I received your letter! Yay! It made my day. I plan on sending you one soon. 🙂

  6. I can understand shelving Moby-Dick. It certainly is taking some serious determination. I am committing to read 25 pages a day and then reading something else alongside. I’m finding that it’s not one of those books I want to just sit and read until the end..or I have to go do something productive!

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