5 Things I Loved About This Week: 06/14/2014

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persy stuck

My favorite picture of the week. Persy Jane’s teacher sent this to me this week. I chuckle every time I look at it. Poor little Persy!

1.  Finally over strep throat and I’m hopeful that this time it is for good. Sam woke up Friday morning sick with strep, but he is on the mend. Maybe a healthy household is in the works for next week?
2. I didn’t get a single bit of knitting done at my knitting group on Tuesday, but it was so much fun hanging out and talking The Game of Thrones for several hours. We’ve decided to finish the book this week so we can DISCUSS ALL THE THINGS next Tuesday. Oh, and there were little eclairs; that is certainly an added bonus.
3. Being sick certainly sucked; I was in pain, I missed work, and I had to wear a surgical mask around the kids and Persy kept grabbing it and snapping it against my face. There was a tiny patch of golden happiness. I was home Monday morning while the kids were at school and Sam was at work. I drank large mugs of hot coffee, watched a movie on Netflix (How I Live Now) and knit many a lovely, purple-hued row. It was just a perfect, quiet morning.
4. I have really been feeling loved this past week. Sam is a constant goodness in my life, but sometimes I become acutely aware of how much he loves me. He knows when I hit a rough patch and he is extra-loving during those difficult spots. I also had lunch with my dear friend Laura. We had delicious Thai food and caught up. Her year has been terrible, more extreme in sadness and loss than I have ever experienced. Despite her troubles she is always kind and has a warm and winning smile. I admire her so much. I also got two surprise letters in the mail from dear friends.
5. My kids were great this week. No terrible meltdowns, only tiny ones. No being up all night, only here and there at night. NO exasperated eye-rolls, whining and complaining all the time. Nope, only some times. In all seriousness, my kids are wonderful, loving, helpful little people 90% of the time. I am endeavoring to not lets the 10% of tears and trials shadow all the wonderful and good about my kids.


  1. Glad you’re feeling so much better! Whenever I get sick, I have this initial fantasy that I’m going to rest and relax and read books and lounge with my feet up. But that’s only because I forget what being sick is actually like–it’s pretty rare to be sick and also feel like doing anything besides sleeping or complaining. At least if you’re me. How lovely to have a knitting group that seems to be doubling as a book group!

  2. I’m so glad you had a great week! Work is hit and miss for me, but I try to focus on the other stuff. A great hubs and kid helps. And coffee! And chocolate! And today…fried squash. Happy Father’s Day to Sam!

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