Readerly Rambles: 06/09/2014



What I’m Reading: Sigh. I’m still working my way through The Game of Thrones. Alas, I cannot read it at night because I don’t want to stop reading. I’m reading it on my lunch breaks and when I get the odd moment alone through out my dad. And yes, that does mean in the bathroom (but also in the school pick up line, while “watching” RescueBots with Atticus, etc…). I’m really enjoying it and since I haven’t seen the show I am pleasantly surprised at each turn. Sure, I know all the major deaths, but I’m constantly like “oh no!” “GASP!” and “WAHHHH?????” I also tend to throw up metal horns at particularly gruesome scenes. This book is METAL.

Moby Dick: I’m also reading Moby Dick by Herman Melville for Roof Beam Reader’s readalong. I am a few chapters behind, but I can say that I’m enjoying it more than 16 year old me enjoyed it. The prose is gorgeous. Thus far the narrator, Ishmael, has met Queequeg, they’ve roomed together, Queequeg saved someone from drowning, they went to church, and now they’ve had chowder. And that’s the first 75 pages. It really flew by for me more than I thought it would. I will say the droning on about Queequeg being a Noble Savage is grating on my nerves, but hopefully that will not carry through the entire novel.

Bookish Movies: This morning I watched How I Live Now on the Netflix. It is a 2013 dystopian movie based on the novel by Meg Rosoff. I enjoyed the book when I read it years ago and all I remember not liking is Rosoff’s absence of quotation marks when people are talking. That got on my nerves. Anyhoo, the movie was very good and it is every bit as bleak as The Hunger Games but more lonely and alienated and with little explanation as to what led to the war ravaging the world. The ending isn’t tidy, it is uncomfortable, there’s violence, and certainly a scene that makes obvious women are being raped at a “rape” camp (there’s your trigger warning!). Essentially — it is how I would image the world to be if World War III were to come about.

Reading Goals for this week: Catch up on Moby Dick and finish The Game of Thrones.

Happy Reading!



  1. I really want to read Game of Thrones, too. My partner got me the series for Christmas and I haven’t started… no time to dig into such a lengthy endeavor, unfortunately!

    Moby-Dick is reading much more quickly for me than I thought… when I first read it, it took FOREVER. But I was also a first-year graduate student at the time, and working two jobs. This time, I get to actually kick back and enjoy myself. (I’m still working and still a graduate student – hah! 7 years later!- but it’s summer break and I’m only teaching one class).

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