Conversations with Atticus




Background Info: I won’t go into too many details, but we recently had a situation requiring us to temporarily move Hope out of her basement bedroom. Since Atticus and Persy only sleep in their room (they play in the living room) we thought of puting Hope in there with Atticus and Persy. Let’s find out what Atticus says about that:

Mom:  “Atticus, guess what? We’re going to move Hope’s bed upstairs to your room. Hope can sleep with you and Peapie at night!”

Atticus: “Hope will be in my room?”

Mom: “Yes! Won’t that be fun?”

Atticus (crossing his arms and making a serious face): “It sure not. That is not a good idea. Nope. Not a good idea.”

Mom: “What? Why not?”

Atticus: “‘Cause I want to be alone. The room is not for teenagers. No teenagers in my room. My room is for little kids not teenagers. Sure not.”

Mom: “So just you and Persy in your room?”

Atticus: “Yes, Hope can stay in the basement.”

Mom: “Okay, guess she isn’t going in your room.”


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