5 Things I Loved About Last Week: 05/31/2014

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I meant to post this last night, but I was too enthralled in my cup of coffee and my book. Ruth Ayres posts a list of highlights from her week every Saturday. I found this gem through one of my recently discovered blogs, The Dirigible Plum. Given my bleak mood of late, I figure I could do with a little bit of appreciating the good in my life. So here we go, my five good things from last week:


  1. Love: I had so many kind and heartwarming comments on my blog, Facebook, and twitter. There is so much good in the world. Sam and i had a good talk and he is so steadfast, evenheaded, and supportive. Atticus kept telling me, “I totally love you, Mommy.” My heart is so full. The depression is still there and I can very easy spiral into “I don’t deserve this” mode, but I am holding fast and thinking of all the people I love who love me. Warm fuzzies all around.
  2. The Game of Thrones: I started reading this book sometime last week on my Kindle. It is the perfect read for right now. Nothing beats the blues like being dropped into another world; add to that the fact that I’m not going to be beheaded, gored, flung off a precipice, killed by creepy things, etc… it makes me feel like I lead a charmed life.
  3. Summer Reading Program: Hope, Atticus, and Persy Jane are signed up for our public library’s summer reading program. Atticus is now a proud owner of a library card. Each night we read a book and then put a sticker on his program chart. Then we look at a book with Persy and Atticus kindly puts a sticker on her chart for her. Hope’s task is to read 20 minutes each night. She has just started The Fault in Our Stars. I’m super excited about the summer reading program because I got to sign up. There is an adult readers summer reading program and it is pretty nifty. I have a bingo card with various activites and I fill a square each time I complete an activity like reading a book, watching a movie based on a book, attending a library event, etc…. The public library is putting on a literary trivia night the end of June and we have a team from our university library attending (of course I’m on the team). Exciting stuff!
  4. Summer traditions: I work on Saturdays during the academic year and I’m enjoying the relaxed summer schedule. I don’t work Saturdays during the summer months, so we’re trying to fit in family activities on the weekend. We’re starting a new tradition of taking the kids to the library on Saturday mornings and then out for ice cream. It is cheap activity and huge hit with the kids.
  5. Unexpected visits from friends: Yesterday one of my bestest friends, Shannon, popped by for a few hours to visit because she was in town. Although chatting was hectic (the kids were thrilled she was there) we did get to catch up a bit. Just a few hours later we had an unexpected visit from my friend Alison. She only stayed for a few minutes, but she sure got a lot of cuddles from Atticus AND Persy Jane.

Look at all of that good stuff! Happy weekend to everyone!



  1. Again; LOVE YOU!

    That summer reading program totally rocks. I haven’t been going to the library; I’m trying to read what I have, but I think I need to go to see if they have a program I can get the kids in. I love that tradition for you! So fun!

  2. I have to confess: I thought the Saturday celebration thing was kind of lame when I first started doing it. But now it’s a great opportunity for me to find something I liked about my week (not always the first thing on my mind on a Saturday morning after an intense week of parenting my high-needs kids!). I am always so excited for summer reading programs at the library, but then we’re so lame about putting on our stickers. This year, I didn’t even bother! Love the tradition of going to the library on Saturday morning and then out for ice cream. One of my sons loves the library; the other, not so much. But ice cream might entice him!

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