Top Ten Tuesday: Literary Mugs!


Today is a Top Ten Tuesday Freebie Day. I couldn’t think what to post and then I remembered reading this post on Book Riot about the best literary coffee mugs. I liked most of the mugs chosen, but I thought I’d make my own list. After all, I love coffee just as much as books. I have the Shakespearean insults mug featured on the list and I have a Penguin Jane Eyre mug (pictured). I guess my literary coffee cup collection will one day rival my owl mug collection.

1) First lines in literature from The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild:


2) Go Away I’m reading mug…. I’d take this one to the coffee shop with me!


3) Sherlock Holmes!


4) Charles Dickens from the Literary Gift Company


5) A favorite Louisa M. Alcott quotation

8) I want them all

9) Women Writers mug… because SYLVIA

10) Powell’s owl and book mug. The marriage of my two loves


  1. love these so so so much!! I bought myself a Darcy proposal mug for my anniversary a few years ago (I told hub about it afterward) but it cracked so it’s just sitting on my desk. I adore that first sentences mug, though!

  2. Fatnastic post! Not for the first time, I wish I could drink coffee. I guess I’ll have to step up my apple cider and hot chocolate drinking to justify buying some of these!

  3. Love all the mugs but the Alcott one is my particular fav! Also, so glad you linked to the Moby-Dick readalong — my wife just started reading it to me so am v excited to be able to join the group at the same time!

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