Now I Understand the Grumpiness

When I last blogged, I complained that I had a terrible attitude and that I was feeling miserable. Turns out it wasn’t my usual grumpy cat spirit animal shining through. I was getting ill. I had a sinus infection LAST week. Sunday and Monday I felt fine. Tuesday I was tired, sweaty, and thirsty at work. By Thursday night I was running a fever and couldn’t swallow anything. Yay.

Wednesday morning I couldn’t even speak and Sam had to all in to work for me. He took me to QuickCare and the doctor said I was positive for strep. Antibiotics. Mucinex. Sleep. Sweat. Pain. I went home and tossed and turned in bed while sleeping fitfully. My uvula (not THAT, the thing hanging down in the back of the throat) was so swollen it was draped across the back of my tongue. Eww. I slept and got really frustrated that I couldn’t focus enough to read. Thursday I woke up with a terrible cough. I coughed so hard I threw up — FOUR TIMES.

All this to say that today I feel much better. I’m still coughing quite a lot and the antibiotics make me tired and queasy. But I’m hanging in there. Hope stayed home with a sinus infection and Sam is at the doctor right now with a suspected ear infection. We’re so gross here. Fingers crossed the little ones stay well.

There have been pockets of sunshine. Atticus keeps bringing me ice packs to put on the OUTSIDE of my throat and he has told me “how about you get Popsicles” with an excited and serious voice. Persy laughed at the face-mask I was wearing. I finished season two of Call the Midwife and I actually felt like reading a little today.

C’est la vie! Little troubles mixed in with a lotta happiness and vice versa. Cross your fingers that next week we’ll all be healthy!



  1. Fingers crossed. This happens to me often too….you think by this time we could put 2 & 2 together by now?! PMS gets me every-time also, and it us another, ah ha moment I never see coming. Glad you are feeling better. My not so little ones always get sick before me….hope little ones stay healthy and well.

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