Fake it ‘Til You Make it


Have y’all ever heard the expression, “fake it ’til you make it?” It is something cheery, optimistic people say. The theory is if you focus on the positive and smile you will eventually be happy. The smile will become genuine, the positives will outweigh the negatives and you will walk around like a bouncy and obnoxious Pharrell song.

I’m pissy today. I’m pmsing, the air conditioner broke last night, I still have a sore throat/sinus issues, I have teen/3 year old/ tot drama all at the same time, and I’m just cranky. I usually get cranky in the sunny warm weather. I have the opposite of Seasonal Affective Disorder. I like the cold and gray and blustery. All this sunshine is making me grimace with disdain.

Okay… positivity NOW:

Ten Wonderful Things About the Approaching Summer

1. Read-alongs: I’m behind but loving the Chronicles of Barsetshire readalong. In June I am starting a Game of Thrones read-along with my knitting group. Yay for knitting AND books.

2. Half-day Fridays: In the summer my university gives the staff a half-day off on Friday PAID. I end up working 36 hours and being paid for 40. The kids are still in daycare and Sam is at work so I truly get the afternoon to myself.

3. Coconut milk ice cream

4. Playing in the sprinkler with the kids

5. Summer naps. I love getting between cool sheets with a fan on at full blast. Maybe I’ll just sleep on Friday afternoons.

6. Summer movies. I cannot wait to see the new X-Men movie and Godzilla.

7. Strawberries and peaches at the farmers’ market

8. Iced decaf Americanos with almond milk and raw sugar

9. I can get away with feeding my family sandwiches and salads for dinner with no complaints. Yay for not turning on the oven.

10. Pedicures and flip-flops

See?! Isn’t summer fabulous (plasters large fake smile on face). I am every hopeful this fake it attitude will turn this frown upside down. I’m not quite convinced, although I do see optimism glimmering on the horizon. Help me add to this list. Anything good about the approaching months?



  1. I live at the coast in NC where it gets hot and muggy beginning in May and it doesn’t end until October, so I understand your dislike of summer. One thing I enjoy about the warmer months, though,is the fact that things are alive and growing. I am considering starting a veggie garden this year, although I realize I’m pretty late getting started at this point.

    I’m so jealous of your half day Fridays! That sounds lovely.

  2. I’ll pile on with my “not ready for the heat!” I’m so jealous of your knitting group doing a read-along. I have the first Game of Thrones book sitting on my shelves, so I might have to pick it up in June. As far as what is good about the coming months…it’s got to be the better produce availability. We go into “smoothie-making-mode” here. Wishing you a relaxing evening!

  3. This goes along with your #4 for your two younger kids: If they are dirty after a day of playing outside, you can get away with hosing them off outside if you don’t feel like giving them a bath or shower. 🙂 Personally, I also like mowing the lawn. It is the only time no one interrupts me every five minutes, and I can actually see that I am getting something done.

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