Goodbye, April and Hello, May!

aprilIn April I…

Finished several great books like this one.

Started several projects. I completed dejunking the study and Easter went well. You can add onto that list house hunting because we are looking to buy.

Spent time at home with Hope. We saw the movie Divergent and shopped till we dropped. Well, I dropped. That girl could shop forever.

Attended to my 10 year college reunion.

Went vegan!

Celebrated VegWeek, World Book Night, Readathon, AND my birthday!


April was so busy, but a good month. It was nice to open the windows, let the sun in, and even the chaotic finals week at the library didn’t do me in. I’m leaving the month of April positive. Good vibes all round

May is off to a great start and I have lots to look forward to:

  • Hope’s first school dance and her graduation from middle school. Hope will be in high school next year!
  • ARCADE FIRE!!!!!!!!!
  • Half-day Fridays at work. This means some time to read or do projects.
  • Stitching. Lots of stitching. I’ve put down knitting for a bit and I am embracing embroidery again.
  • Dejunking the house and getting rid of a ton of stuff.
  • Embracing “mom” time. I’m going back to taking a few hours on Thursday nights and a few hours on Saturday afternoon for “mom time.” Persy is exceptionally clingy at needs some more Daddy time.

Despite the pollen vortex and my runny nose I am truly looking forward to May. Let’s see what trouble we can find this spring!




  1. Love the photo collection, and love your enthusiasm for May! I’m ready for the slow-down of summer here and need to begin to get my project list on paper and out of my head for maximum enjoyment. Happy house hunting to y’all!

  2. I really like these posts too. 🙂 Sounds like you’re enjoying spring so far. Hope you have a great month of May!

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