A Whirlwind Week in Review

springbreak2014Last week was insanely busy. Hope was on spring break so I worked half-days to spend some time with her. I thought there would be downtime last week for blogging and reading and, boy, I was wrong!

Here is my week at a glance:

Monday: The day was rainy. I accomplished a fair amount of work for the four hours I was there. I grabbed some lunch at Moe’s alone because Hope wanted to Facebook chat with her friends rather than go to lunch. I read a good chunk of Alias Grace while eating a burrito and with no mess. A proud moment for sure. When I got home I had some letters and postcards in my mail box and that was a treat. Then I spent some time piddling around the house and tidying. I made some hummus and some vanilla coffee creamer. It was a quiet, homey, rainy day and I loved it.

Tuesday: Chaos descended at work. I found out 45 minutes before I left that I had to completely vacate my cubicle and find a “temporary” home in the library. Construction on new offices was beginning. While I was excited about being out of a cube and into, an office having no notice and this being the very busy end of term season led to a minor meltdown. I used every expletive I know under my breath (okay, many were uttered aloud). When I arrived home — 45 minutes late — I took Hope to lunch. Then we spend the afternoon doing chores and chatting.

Wednesday: I left work at a reasonable time and went to see Divergent with Hope. I really enjoyed the movie; it was like The Matrix meets The Hunger Games meets Harry Potter. I probably won’t read the books as I hear the next two are a disappointment, but I did enjoy the film. After the movie we went shopping for Hope’s spring formal dress. She bought a cute, strapless mint green dress. She looks adorable in it, but so grown-up!

Thursday: Work was uneventful and then I ate lunch at the cafeteria with Sam. Afterwards I went to Target with Hope for more shopping and grabbed the kids’ Easter basket supplies. I did manage to squeeze in some reading time at the coffee shop between shopping and picking up the kids from daycare. Go me.

Friday: THE BUSIEST DAY EVER. The morning started with grocery shopping at Aldi and Kroger. Then I raced home to put away groceries and shower. Then — huzzah! — one of my closest friends from college, Amanda J., called to say she was in town for our reunion. We met up for lunch and talked for ages about politics, books, and our lives. It was awesome. Then at 3 o’clock I had a hair appointment. Not only did I get my hair cut and dyed the purpliest its been, but my friend and hair dresser Jessica also did my makeup. That night Sam and I got glitzy to go to my 10-year college reunion. It was okay, I wish more English majors had been there. When we had enough of being fancy we left and went to Chili’s. We sat at Chili’s for an hour snacking on chips and talking.

Saturday: I worked at the library all day and some of my college friends (Amanda J, Sara, and Becca) stopped in and we talked and laughed for ages.

I had such a wonderful week of doing stuff with Hope and seeing friends. I will say that I am a bit tired and Sunday I took an awesome two hour nap that was much needed.

To thine own introvert-self be true, I am planning on laying low this week. I really want to finish my book, do a little writing, and pick up some knitting.




  1. Everyone needs a week like this sometimes. It sounds like pure heaven (except for the cubicle moving). Glad you got to relax a bit, chill with Hope and the fam, and all that good stuff. I’m still unwinding from a conference where I had to be WAY too social for WAY too long. Poor David, having to put up with me afterwards. lol

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