Goodbye, March and Hello, April!


In March I…

Spent a lovely day out with a dear friend thrifting, eating delicious food, playing literary trivial pursuit, and drinking gallons of coffee.

Began the Chronicles of Barsetshire Readalong with Avid Reader. Guess what, I loved the first book!

Kept up with journaling and enjoyed it

Raved about Margaret Atwood

Thought a lot about what to read this spring and assembled TBR piles galore

Completely blew up my blog writing about my struggle with a compulsive eating disorder. (I am still really blown away by the response I received to this post) And this post was Freshly Pressed! My first!

Survived and recovered from our basement filling with poo-water.

Mini-reviewed some books.

Created a list of bookish things to do before I hit 40 (in 2020)

Resolved to conquer my yarn and make something

As evidenced by the pictures above, we’ve appreciated the warmer weather and later days to spend time at the park enjoying the outdoors. Atticus and Persy Jane are sleeping better at night from all the hours outdoors. I should probably mention that I am lacking in pictures of Hope because – now that she is a teenager – she gets to decide what gets posted and this month Hope said no pics.

On to April! April will be a spectacular month. I have some general reading goals and a few things I’d like to make/create, but April will be busy at work with the end of the semester approaching and I have tons of upcoming events. April will be a month of just “going with the flow.” Here are a few things I’m looking forward to in April:

  • Hope is on spring break next week and I’ll be working half-days so I can spend some time with her.
  • My 10 year college reunion is coming up on April 11th! I am so stoked!
  • World Book Night!
  • Readathon!
  • My 34th birthday!

While I have things I want to accomplish, I realize that this “season” of my life is about enjoying each day with my kids. Right now all of my little peppers are in transitional phases: Hope starts high school in the autumn, Atticus is in the middle of potty training, and Persy Jane is a feisty and independent toddler.

Plans? Yes! Flexibility? Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m really looking forward to April and enjoying the budding springtime with my family. Happy April to all!



  1. yay, April! March felt so long to me. I’m ready to get the semester wrapped up and move on to spring and summer. …And btw, just looked back at your weight post and holy shit, 93 comments! So amazing. Your honesty really resonated with a lot of people.

    1. I’m glad people related to my post, but I’ve actually had a few comments that were disturbing. Disturbing as in they really need a therapist asap. I hope folks realize my blog is 90% books, babies, and carbs!

  2. I’m hoping we will get spring-like weather for at least a month here. I’m ready for spring, but not the summer heat. I’m loving your emphasis on flexibility. Happy April to you!

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