Yammering about Yarn

While meandering through my Instagram feed the other night I saw that the Estella Society’s #estellagram for the month of April is “Made.” Color me instantly excited. My reading life is flourishing at the moment, but I am truly missing my hands being busy with some bit of thread or yarn. I haven’t been to my knitting group, Knitting Knerds, in ages and I miss having that time set aside to work on creating something. Many weeks the only time I only pulled out projects was at Knitting Knerds, but at least that was two hours of making something. I’ll get to go back in May when Sam’s school work slows down,but until then I am in crafty-wasteland. Between the Estella Society’s ever-inspiring word prompt and an impromptu trip to JoAnn yesterday I am all kinds of inspired.

And what does this gal do when she is inspired and overwhelmed? Plan. I am making some plans to knit, crochet, embroider, and if I can get up the courage, sew.

April: WIP it good

My goal in April is to finish two works in progress (WIP):

The first WIP is Persy Jane’s baby blanket that I started when I was pregnant. Holy cow. Why is this taking me so long?! Oh I know, children. Persy loves this blanket. If I work on it while she is around she snuggles her face into the yarn and tugs on it. Adorable, yes. Knitting-enabling? Sadly no. The pattern is The Purl Bee’s Super Easy Baby Blanket. I’m using a delicious color combination of yarn:


This is an older picture and it makes me quite proud. I’m done with the turquoise, red, and yellow. All I have left is purple and sky blue. As much as I love knitting this blanket with its soft yarn and bright colors I will say that I am growing impatient. I want to start something new and I hate I didn’t have the blanket finished by my due date her 1st Christmas her 1st birthday this month.

The other WIP I have to finish is a piece of embroidery that ONLY needs three words on it and a frame. I’ve been working on that piece off and on SINCE I WAS PREGNANT WITH ATTICUS. 2010, y’all. 2010! That piece will be shipped off to a fellow stitcher.


During the summer months I plan on another major yarn project and doing a few bits and bobs of embroidery.

My next yarn project is to make Atticus a large granny square afghan. Every time I work on Persy Jane’s blanket Atticus asks, “cause why you make her a lotta blanket?” We’ve picked out yarn and I’m going to use another Purl Bee “pattern.” It is just a giant granny square, but I like the colors. I picked some Vanna’s Choice yarn in gray, blue, green, yellow, and red. I think it will also need an orange color. My goal is to make something large enough to fit on a double-sized bed and something that doesn’t look “juvenile.”


For stitchy projects I am going to aim for a small project a month: May – birthday gift for a coworker, June- a father’s day gift for Sam, July- burp clothes for the gobs of summer and autumn babies, and August- coffee cup sleeves for my autumn birthday pals.

September – December

This entire season is full on holiday prep. I’ll be working on smaller projects. I had intended to start on Hope’s blanket, but I will probably wait until January so I can focus on holiday stitchery. Here is the general plan:

September — finish stitching Atticus’s Christmas stocking, Christmas softie for Persy Jane, knitted scarf for Sam

October —  stitch Persy Jane’s Christmas stocking, embroidered barrettes and brooches for gifts, knitted dishcloths for gifts

November —  line and sew all three Christmas Stockings, Christmas super hero cape for Atticus, crocheted coffee sleeves for gifts

December — embroidered Christmas ornaments, penguin pillow for Hope, one-skein cowl

I know these are HUGE goals, but nothing gets me motivated to create like a wealth of project ideas and the prospect of lovely yarns, crisp fabrics, and bright bits of thread. Bring on the motivation and I am MADE to create.




  1. Wow. You are such an inspiration to me! I like to cross stitch and would like to learn to knit, but sewing…well, let’s just say it brings out the worst in me. I’ve been loving the posts by some of the British bloggers who are watching a sewing tv show over there. Some of them have been inspired to blow the dust off their sewing machines and are making the cutest things. I was thinking maybe this summer I’d try again. When I mentioned it at dinner the other night, my girls looked at me like they were ready to take my temperature. 🙂 For now, I’m going to stick to my cross-stitching! (And go make myself a project list!) Happy weekend to you and yours.

  2. I love your big granny square blanket!! I have a scrap blanket I’m working on, but I recently noticed that it’s getting slightly larger every row. How did this happen?? I’ve been crocheting for like 13 years! You’d have thought I’d gotten over this kind of mistake ages ago. So I’m going to have to take some of it out. I can’t wait for it to be done, but I’m also enjoying the simplicity of it. Good luck with all your projects! I can’t wait to see more!

  3. I just started to crochet and already I’m finding it hard to make time for reading, blogging and crocheting. I really don’t have time for more hobbies but so far I love to sit down and crochet.

    1. I’ve started bringing my crocheting with me for when I have meetings, or run into someone at a coffee shop who wants to chat, or I’m sitting in the car waiting to pick up my teenager. I usually don’t have time to get into a book but I can do a bit of stitching!

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