Today I hung out with one of my favorite people- Catherine – and her equally awesome little girl, Z. I declared today Caturday.


We brunched at The Grit.


I scored a ton of Trollope at a thrift store.


And some other books were purchased as well.


Then coffee and literary Trivial Pursuit.


It was pretty much a perfect day.

The best part!!! I told Catherine today was Caturday. Then her little girl, Z, said to me, ” don’t forget it is also Amanderday. Cathereine and I both said, “last night I dreamt I was at Amanderday again.” We had a giggle fit in the middle of the thrift store.



  1. Looks like a lovely day you had (and sunny and warm–please send some of that my way!! 🙂 ). I loved Sophie’s Choice–an absolutely amazing book even though it is at times hard going. Enjoy your new finds!

  2. What a fun day! Y’all’s dreaming of amander-day is beyond hilarious. And there is a literary trivial pursuit?! I’m terrible at the regular version, but I bet I could manage that one!!!

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