March Madness: A Month-Long Marathon of Reading


Cedar Station is hosting a fantastic celebration of reading in the month of March; March Madness is meant to focus on reading. Set a number of books and then try to read as often as possible. I am setting the lofty and probably unattainable goal of reading ten books. That is madness, but then again I guess that is the point. I’ve put these in the order I plan on attacking reading them. Okay, on to the books:

1. Reading Like a Writer by Francine Prose. This is my ongoing Kindle read for times when I am stuck without a book. That usually happens during Persy’s unexpected nursing and/or napping sessions.

2. The Invisible Woman: The Story of Nelly Ternan and Charles Dickens by Claire Tomalin. I’ve wanted to read this ever since I read Tomalin’s biography of Charles Dickens in 2012.

3. Emma by Jane Austen. This is my Classics Club Spin #5 read and I have a lovely Penguin Threads edition.

4. The Warden by Anthony Trollope. This is the first book for the Chronicles of Barsetshire readalong I’m co-hosting.

5. Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood. Finally! I’m going to read one of my books for the TBR challenge.

6. My Life in Middlemarch by Rebecca Mead. I finished Middlemarch in January and squealed with delight when I learned about this book.

7. A Question of Upbringing by Anthony Powell. Volume 1 of A Dance to the Music of Time.

8. A Buyer’s Market by Anthony Powell. Volume 2 of A Dance to the Music of Time.

9. The Acceptance World by Anthony Powell. Volume 3 of A Dance to the Music of Time.

10. Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope. If I have time I might dig into the April Chronicles of Barsetshire read. April is a crazy month and I want to tackle as much in March as I can.

So how — with my busy life — am I planning on reading so dang much? I am planning a future post to talk about intentional reading, but suffice it to say I’m carving out time that is expressly for reading. Not paying bills, or blogging, or updating Facebook. For one I’ve actually put my lunch time down on my work calendar. I’ve been taking a quick lunch anywhere between 11:30 and 1:00, but usually it involves me eating at my desk and working or eating at my desk and bullshitting on the internet. My new plan is to eat my lunch and then hide in the back of the library and read. There are also several days where I come in maybe an hour later or I leave a bit early. Those times will be spent reading in the van parked outside work. On March 17th, a Monday, I have the day off work because I’m doing a Sunday shift the day before; that Monday will be an impromptu reading time. Lastly, I am making sure that I always have a book with me and I take advantage of lulls between meetings, standing in line, and other times where I find myself waiting.

Cheers for crazy reading goals! I may not read all ten books, but by golly I’m going to try!



  1. Yay! I love your list! Lots of these are on my to-read list somewhere, too, so I’m excited to hear what you think of them. Thanks so much for doing this with me! I really like that you’ve come up with a strategy — this is serious business, after all. πŸ™‚

  2. I like your list and admire your ambition! Sometimes I feel like I struggle to read 10 pages in a month! Though in a previous job I did try the read at lunch thing. It worked for a while. Then staff started to put post-its of tasks and queries on the cover and pages of the book on my desk so I’d see them over lunch!!!! At that point I gave up!

  3. I’m doing this too along with Cedar Station. I don’t know why, but it’s a great incentive. I’ve picked 10 as well, although with 2 plays and a book of poetry I think I may be cheating a little.
    Hopefully we can cheer each other on, you have a lovely blog here!

  4. Good luck with your list. You are inspiring me to try this challenge. Your books look really hard though. I love that you are preparing ways to read like its your job. Own it girl!!!

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