Happy Birthday, Hope

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Dear Hope,

Today you are 14 years old. For some reason this seems HUGE to me. I thought 13 would be the birthday that would knock me for a loop, but it didn’t. 14 seems big because you have grown so much this year.

— You’ve moved to the basement escaping from the little ones. When we open the basement door the smell of Bath and Body Works “Be Enchanted” body spray wafts up.

— You are FAST. I had no idea how much you would love running and how dadgum fast you would be.

— You’re the most expert eye makeup artist I know. I envy your ability to apply eye makeup with such perfect results.

— And married (mentally) to Liam Hemsworth! And here I thought you’d never crush on a boy!

Last year you were upstairs, not running, didn’t care two hoots about makeup, and I don’t think you even noticed boys.

This year. WHOA.

Peanut, you’re growing up.

I feel like I can never adequately express to you how much I love you. I love all my children, but I will admit, you are special in your own way. You are my first. My first love. When I heard your heartbeat at 10 weeks of pregnancy I knew that you were mine. My baby. You taught me how to let my heart be vulnerable after so many hurts. I held you and I knew that every thing would be okay because I had YOU. My girl. My peanut. My Hope.

My birthday wish for you this year: I hope this year brings you lots of new and exciting opportunities. There will be so many changes for you this year from cheer tryouts to high school to MAYBE getting a cell phone. My ultimate wish for you this year is that you keep being yourself: spunky, loud, excited, completely unique, funny,  filled-with-sunshine Hope. You light up my life.

I love you and Happy Birthday!



  1. Beautiful! A beautiful post for a beautiful girl. My youngest daughter is 16 and I just can’t believe it. Seriously–two more years and I’m an empty nester. Enjoy every rollercoaster trip of these teen years Amanda and Hope, and continue to come together as mother and daughter.

  2. Love this! We had a birthday here yesterday – my oldest turned 18. I still can’t believe it. Hope has grown up so much in the last year – the year between 13 and 14 was a HUGE change for all of my girls and seeing her pictures brought it all back. Savor every moment. (And, like Heather, I got weepy reading this. What happened to me? I used to be so hard-hearted. 🙂 )

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