Reading Progress Check, February 2014


In my attempt to make 2014 my Year of Words I decided that I would try to assess my book goals on the 15th of every month.  This will be hodge-podge like at best, but here we go.

My Year of Words: 

Red items highlight areas of focus and improvement for the next month.

1. Read at least 50 books: I’ve read 7, meaning that I am one book ahead of schedule. Yay!

2. Write 52 letters / postcards (not including holiday cards and thank-you notes): Thus far I’ve sent 13 postcards and 2 of my Start Write letters.

3. Listen to five (5) audio books: I’ve listened to one and I have the second one in progress.

4. Spend less time on my Smart Phone by putting it away from 6pm-11pm: I haven’t done well with this given our snow days and sick kids.

5. Complete 12 reading Challenges / Events: I’ve completed one event — the Classics Club Readathon — later in the post I’ll hash out what’s in progress and what is dragging on.

6. Journal 3 times a week (roughly 12 entries a month): I’m averaging about one to two entries a week. I need to up this number!

7. Use my book journal: Done! I’m actually staying caught up on this.

8. Read 52 short stories or essays: I’ve read the 7 short stories in Rebecca Lee’s Bobcat. Technically I am caught up, but I am marking this because I do not want to lose focus.

9. Collect all the Penguin Thread books: Emma is on the way and I only have Little Women and Black Beauty left to purchase.

10. Update on the 15th of the month: Yup!

11. NaNoWriMo: I am actually prepping for this as in I’ve already talked to Sam about how this is important to me and we are brainstorming ways for me to carve out time to write. I’ve got a good husband.

12. Keep my study tidy: I’m doing well with this. I do need to try to put more time in writing in the study. I spent some lovely time during the snow days gazing out my snowy window with a large cup of tea by my side writing letters. Perfection.


Reading Events:

Completed: Classics Club Readathon

In Progress: Wilkie in Winter / Graphic Novel Month / Classics Club Spin #5

Upcoming: Chronicles of Barsetshire Readalong / March Madness


Reading Challenges:


In Progress:

Vintage Mystery BingoMemoir of Sherlock Holmes (currently listening to via audio book)

Back to the Classics — 19th Century Classic: The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins

Chunkster — 1) Middlemarch by George Eliot, 2) The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins

Victorian Reading Challenge — 1) Middlemarch by George Eliot, 2) The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins

Challenges I’m failing miserably:

TBR Challenge

Great War Read

Dance to the Music of Time readalong 

Historical Reading Challenge



Final Goals for February Reading:

— Complete my audio book of The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

— Read two more graphic novels

— Read MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood

— Read William: An Englishman by Cicely Hamilton

— Begin The Invisible Woman: the story of Nelly Ternan and Charles Dickens






  1. Yay, I’m so excited you’re doing March Madness with me! That should get us caught up.

    I really like your goals this year. I think journaling is one of the best ways to keep yourself together and somewhat sane, at least for me. Also, that’s awesome about NanoWrimo! I’ve tried it a couple of times and never got more than a few thousand words. Do you have a story planned, or do you think you’ll just wing it?

  2. Kudos to you for making good progress – and for having an organized way to check up on yourself. The accountability (even self-imposed) is an enormous boost to success. 🙂

  3. You’re very organised 🙂 I did well in January, but February – urgh. I’m looking forward to it being over and I never ever want to think of it again! Needless to say I’m behind now – not read a book in over 10 days now.

    1. I feel like I have to be this organized. Last year’s reading was dismal (29 books, wahhhhhh????). I’m determined to reclaim my reading, but check with me in the summer. That is usually when I slump.

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