What a Week

Whew. I didn’t intend to take a week long break from this blog, but so much has been happened in the space of a week.

Last Thursday was my 4th wedding anniversary. Sam and I took a vacation day from work to celebrate while the kids were at daycare/school. We started the day with donuts and coffee and then we went thrifting for a while. Next, Vietnamese food for lunch and a trip to Barnes and Noble. I bought several books (more on that at a later date) and we had a wonderful time.

The next morning Atticus woke up throwing up. I have spent almost a week Now dealing with laundry, sick kids, throwing up, and bleaching everything. Persy is still sick but I am hopeful she is on the mend. I have been puked on at least a dozen times and once Persy threw-up in my mouth. Ewwww. Wretched stuff.

While this week has been busy and disgusting, it hasn’t been all bad. I’ve giggled over trashy reality TV with Hope, played with Atticus, cuddled Persy, finished Middlemarch and stitched a bit. Silver linings and whatnot.


A get well card from Atticus that says, "don't throw up".







I am ready for normal to show up. I crave a schedule and some sleep!



  1. I’m sorry your family has been dealing with all this. I remember how stressful and distressing it can be when you have sick little ones! I hope everyone’s one the mend now and that life can get back to normal.

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