My Year of Words

Last Tuesday, everyone and their father began posting top book goals for 2014. Here I am a week late, as usual, but I was so inspired by the bookish excitement radiating from these posts and I knew I needed to craft my own list. I’ve discussed a few goals here and here, but I haven’t really explained my 2014 theme: WORDS. Reading, writing, savoring words. I tend to do fairly well with having an over-arching goal for the year.

For example:

Jan 2010 — I knew I was getting married and so my focus was on my relationship with Sam. Mission accomplished because Atticus was born in October. (LOL)

Jan 2011– Reading. I had ambitious book goals and met most of them.

Jan 2012 — Health. I start exercising and losing weight…. at least until I got pregnant with Persy Jane.

Jan 2013 — Patience. I wanted to focus on adjusting to life with three kids and learn to live within the moment and with patience. I think I was pretty successful.

Jan 2014 — WORDS.  That’s my theme. I don’t just want to read them, I want to write as well. Letters, postcards, blog posts, journal entries, poems, novels, all of it. I want to read them and I want to write them. I adore my family, but my internal life is very rich. I have to satisfy the part of me that craves creativity, thought, quiet, and solitude or I’m not at my best.

Without further ado, I present to you my 12 goals to make this year my year of WORDS.

1. Read at least 50 books. This is my GoodReads goal for the year and I hope I make it.

2. Write 52 letters / postcards. This doesn’t include thank you notes or Christmas cards. The Estella Society’s Start 2014 Write initiative will help get me motivated.

3. Learn to love audiobooks! Listening at work with help me focus and drown out cubicle noise. Perhaps I will try for five audiobooks this year?

4. Spend less time on my smart phone. Put the phone away from 6pm – 11pm everyday. I need to read books, not Buzzfeed posts!

5.  Complete 12 reading challenges or events.

6. Journal three times a week. It can be a long entry or pasting in something special or copying a quote. I just need to crack that sucker open three times a week.

7. Use my book journal to write a brief review / record of my reading. I want to keep track of everything I complete, even if I don’t write a full blog post.

8. Read 52 short stories or essays this year. Most of this reading will be done on Sundays, which I’ve set aside as a day to read shorter things while the kids nap.

9. Collect all of the Penguin Thread books

10. Set aside the 15th of the month as a reading progress / analysis day. This will be a chance for me to see how I’m doing on this list of goals, assess my challenges and events participation, complete the Classics club meme, and realistically adjust my reading plans if needed.

11. Participate in National Novel Writing Month. This Scares Me. I’ve always wanted to write, but I’m such a perfectionist.

12. Keep my study free from clutter, my books nicely on the shelf, and truly seek to carve out a place for me to work on my goals. You know, a room of one’s own and all that.

There we are; 12 Word-loving, book-worshiping, fierce-scribbling goals. I’m printing this out and placing it in my study to remind me and keep me focused!



  1. I love this! These are awesome goals. I’m trying to get myself into audiobooks this year too, and I’m also shooting for five total. If I come across any good ones, I’ll let you know.

    I tried NanoWrimo in 2012 and failed miserably. Turning off your inner-critic is definitely the key — just keep cranking out words and forget about what they sound like. I’m sure you’ll do great. And hey, you’ve got all this time to prepare! 😉

    1. I realized I tend to like non-movie star Brits reading classics or literary pieces that aren’t too chunky. I love reading Middlemarch, but I don’t know if I could listen to 20 hours of it.

  2. Love these – love the Word theme that you picked. I’ve always wanted to be a journal-er, but have never developed the habit (although, I’ve bought a lot of really pretty journals that are collecting dust waiting for me). Best to you as you pursue these!

  3. Audiobooks take a little getting used to and it has to be the right book. Something complicated & that requires a lot of concentration doesn’t work for me. Best one for me so far: The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater. Fantastic! I must read a physical copy one day too.

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