Classics Club Readathon!


Today is the 2nd annual Classics Club Readathon!

Check below for updates! I’ll also be on Instagram and Twitter (nerdybookgirl).

Sunday, 8:19pm: Final Update!

  1. What book(s) did you read during the event? Just Middlemarch
  2. What book(s) did you finish? None, but I made solid progress
  3. What did you like about our event? It gives me a chance to really focus on reading. As a mom (and I know everyone else has jobs and hobbies and household tasks) I often find myself putting reading off or feeling guilty for never folding the clean laundry and instead reading. These readathons give me a chance to give myself permission to read. What’s really great is my kids see me reading. Persy sat beside me for a long while looking at books, Hope read a chapter or two (which is huge for her), and Atticus asked me to read to him once or twice. Yay!
  4. Do you have suggestions for future Readathons through The Classics Club? I think they rock as they are, but I’m open to other suggestions. I think it would be cool to read one author or genre (children’s classics or classic short stories / poems or something like that). I think a classics banned book readathon would rock during banned books week.
  5. Would you participate in future Readathons? Hell to the yes!
  6. Anything else you’d like to share? (Favorite quote from your reading? Funny anecdote from the event? I love you guys so much. Thanks for letting me not be the only dork on the planet.


7:18am: Throwing in the towel. The potty training toddler went to the potty and forgot to lift the lid. After cleaning up the pee that was all over the toilet and floor I found that the baby had an explosive poopy diaper up her back. Stripped her down and bathed the babe. Then it dawned on me that it was one of “those” mornings and if I started into Middlemarch my house would probably burn down.

6:30am: Up with the kids. Coffee and Kindle ready to go.

11:20pm: Okay read a bunch after the kids went to bed and then started nodding off.

7:27pm- read for a solid hour and a half. Then it was dinner prep, bathes for kids, and laundry. When the kids go to bed there will be more reading.

12:20pm- Persy Jane participates in the Classics Club Readathon!


11:00am- fell asleep cuddling the baby. Now back to reading!


7:49am – vegan pumpkin scones, coffee, and Middlemarch are at the ready!



  1. I had no idea, but now I feel like I’ve been a part of something fun. 2 of my daughters and myself were diagnosed with flu this morning – on the way home from the doctor our whole conversation was about what we were going to read from our respective beds (and what the rest of the family could feed us while we’re down). I just finished The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon – not a classic, but a great flu-read, as it is impossible to put down!

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