A Mostly Merry and Sometimes Bright Weekend

I had so many unrealistic plans for this weekend. I was to spend Saturday shopping, baking, and attending a friend’s birthday party. Sunday I had planned on cleaning, more baking, wrapping gifts and sending out about 75 Christmas cards.

Sometimes it sucks to have a type A personality.

Instead I found out that Sam had a math final exam extension and overtime to work Saturday and Sunday. And THEN I was blessed with an awful sinus infection. My right eye is still partially screwed shut and my head, face, and eyes have throbbed with pain all weekend.

Last night found me with a bad attitude and bemoaning a ruined weekend. Then I decided to snap out of it and summon some holiday cheer. I turned on all the Christmas lights, played the Andy Williams Christmas album, pored some nog, thumbed through holiday cookbooks, and started addressing cards. Marvelous. I got my jolly back,

Today I still had a headache, but I also went out with Atticus and I had so much fun. Just the two of us. We did some holiday shopping, lunched at Moe’s, and saw Santa at the mall.  Tonight it is all about holiday tunes and baking.

Merry and Bright Achieved!












  1. Love that grin behind the juice box/fruit! Sounds like I need to go turn on some Andy Williams – I started something yesterday (cold? allergy? don’t know yet) and my first thought was, “I don’t have time to be sick!” Am going to follow your good example and reclaim my jolly before I dive further downward. 🙂

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