I am sitting in the living room in a giant, cozy chair. The chair is swathed in a blue cotton bedsheets. By my side is a red towel, a mug of coffee, and baby wipes. In my lap I have my sweet Persy Jane with fevered pink cheeks and sad, glassy eyes. 102.8 fever and throwing up.

Alas, no Friendsgiving tomorrow.

I am still having a wonderful Thanksgiving. I held Persy and cuddled for hours. I made dark chocolate cranberries scones. The morning was quiet with playing kids, cups of coffee, and my family all together. We are together, fed, warm, clothed, and peaceful.

This afternoon Hope Is baking Christmas cookies. I will make soup. We’ll decorate the tree and breakout the eggnog. Tomorrow I will cook our Friendsgiving meal but a bit simpler.

Super thankful today. Love and joy to each and everyone of you.



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