The Holidays Approach — Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving. Actually I love it as the start of my Christmas holiday. From now until the end of December I am all about some Christmas. Don’t give me any crap about how Thanksgiving should be its own special holiday. Thanksgiving celebrates one of few nice exchanges between white settlers and indigenous peoples. I think it is a way for white people to say, “oh see how we’re all friends, that went well” and ignores white America’s genocide against Native Americans.  So hooey on the “pilgrims and indians” crap.

I do LOVE the modern interpretation of Thanksgiving. It signals the start of appreciating family, friends, food, warmth, and comfort. Let’s talk about how my family plans on celebrating our interpretation of Thanksgiving this year.

Tree-Trimming Party:

Most years we decorate the tree the Sunday before Thanksgiving. This year our life circumstances have changed making that not so ideal. For one Sam is in college now — in addition to working full-time — and he has papers, projects, and finals coming up soon. Yesterday he spent a solid three hours doing math homework rather than being festive. One cannot be properly jolly with Algebra hanging like Doomsday mistletoe over one’s head. Also, we have the wonderful toddler and a baby combo underfoot. Cleaning the house and dragging displays out of storage takes on a whole new meaning — it is downright treacherous.

This year we are actually spending Thanksgiving afternoon and evening trimming our tree (our lovely artificial tree).  Nap time will be used to drag things out of storage and then when the kiddos wake up we’ll start decorating and listening to holiday music. We’ll break out the eggnog and cocoa and it will be magical. Okay, maybe not magical, as I’m sure there will be a few tantrums from the wee ones, but that is still pretty darn memorable.

Tree trimming festivities usually include a dinner of “party food”: meatballs in chili sauce, pigs in blankets, sausage cheeseballs, etc…. Totally not vegetarian and I realized last year that “fun” party food is really time intensive to prepare. So many little things! Instead we will be having chili, homemade sweet potato biscuits, and our first batch of holiday cookies. I also bought a box of clementines (another holiday tradition) for us to eat.

But what about Thanksgiving???

We’ve been invited to Thanksgiving at my grandmother’s home, but I don’t think we’ll be going. They eat at 2pm, which is smack-dab in the middle of naptime. I feel weird when I have to nurse there, the place isn’t baby-proofed, and frankly I just don’t want to feel “on.” We went when Atticus was a baby and basically I stayed in a room nursing and Sam socialized. This year I would stay in a room nursing and Sam would be trying to keep a Atticus from demolishing the place. STRESSFUL. If Atticus wakes up cheerful at a reasonable time then we will go just to pop in for a few minutes.


Our pro-thankfulness, anti-Black Friday, friend-filled celebration will be on Friday. I am so excited. We’re having two of our favorite families over to celebrate. I’ll be making the bulk of the food:

Friendsgiving Menu

Sweet Potato Apple Soup

Corn Muffins

Pretzel and Cashew Crusted Tofu with Sweet Onion Chutney

Roasted Carrots, Parsnips, and Fingerling Potatoes

Butternut Squash, Brussel Sprouts, and Apple Stuffing

Brown and Wild Rice Pilaf

Pumpkin Pie

Coffee / Tea

I am so flipping excited to make this COMPLETELY VEGAN meal. I’ve welcomed others to bring food and I’ve emphasized that I’m cool with folks bringing meat if they wish.

Friendsgiving Activities:

In addition to the talking and eating, I would like to make a Thankfulness tree. I’d like for people to write what they are thankful for on paper leaves and then hang them up. I’ve also informed guests that I would be delighted if we could break out the Book Lover’s Trivial Pursuit. Pretty Please.

What about shopping?

I will not be shopping this weekend. If the kids are pleasant we may go to our town square for Shop Local Saturday. My one exception is that Books-A-Million usually runs a buy-1-get-1 on Melissa and Doug toys. I may go on Saturday and buy my niece’s Christmas gift if that is the case.

That’s this week in a nutshell. I’ve taken today and tomorrow off work to spruce up the house, reclaim my study, and prep for the holidays. Hope is out of school as well and that is extra fun for me. The little kids are at daycare and I’m about to go see Catching Fire with Hope. She is especially excited because the braces are off and she can chow down on popcorn.

Happy Holidays!



  1. Did you know that Thanksgiving was actually proposed as a national holiday by Lincoln? He wanted to enfuse some optimism into the Union after Gettysburg (and other battles.) Before that (as I understand it), it was mostly a religious celebration thanking God for the harvest some of the New England settlements. Then individual states celebrated it off and on, but always on their own dates, and probably not annually. I know that it was proposed as a day of thanks a few times during the Revolutionary War, probably like Lincoln’s proclamation, to keep up morale and stay in God’s grace. The Confederates didn’t want to celebrate at the same time as the North because they thought the North was being thankful about Union victories. I don’t know how it became the romanticized ode to Pilgrims it is today. I mean, I guess Pilgrims celebrated a version of Thanksgiving, but not like the national holiday we have today. I agree with you about the white-washing of the genocide by coloring history with turkeys shaped like hands.

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