October Pin-it and Do-it and Looking to November

October 2013 Pin it
October Pin-it and Do-it was a rousing success! I think I have figured out how to succeed at completing pins:


Normally I peek at pinterest to obtain a recipe or pattern and then I end up in the pin-hole; I scroll, pin and search and before I know it I’ve spent hours making nothing and increasing my list of projects to complete. Now I set aside one day at the end of the month to meander pinterest with wild abandon. I make a big old project board and then I pick a list of things to do. I write them on a list — yes, on paper — and that is what I stick too. I may still pin here and there, but I don’t spend 5 hours searching for something to bake without ever baking anything.

Here was my October list, I’ve marked through the completed items:

  1. Reading: The Victorian Chaise-Longue, The Asylum, and The Historian and participating in an abbreviated way in the 24-hour readathon.
  2. write a letter to one friend
  3. vegan cocoa mix
  4. a trip to Burt’s pumpkin farm
  5. pumpkin snickerdoodle coffee cake
  6. Atticus’s 3rd birthday party
  7. crockpot apple butter
  8. hang stuff up properly on the living room wall
  9. honey wheat oatmeal bread
  10. listerine foot trick (I’m skeptical)
  11. kale and veggie autumn soup (this recipe sucked, btw, hardly any spices and rather bland)
  12. elbow patches on a cardigan
  13. baked apples
  14. autumn root vegetable stew
  15. new Arcade Fire album (get it and listen!)
  16. finish season 1 of Ripper Street
  17. chai spiced snickerdoodles
  18. butternut bliss fall salad
  19. autumn vegan salad
  20. carrot cake cookies
  21. pumpkin apple muffins
  22. finish Walking Dead season 3
  23. Night of the Living Dead riff trax date with Sam
  24. finish Persy’s blanket
  25. Atticus’s Halloween costume

I completed 11 projects far surpassing my goal of eight projects. Yay!

Onto November! I know Trish hasn’t posted yet, but Trish has a baby and a toddler and frankly I don’t know how she does half of what she does. I’m not going to bug her, but just carry on.

  1. mushroom artichoke wonderpot
  2. chai-spiced snickerdoodles
  3. pumpkin coffee creamer
  4. sweet potato biscuits
  5. baked apples
  6. chore charts for Hope and Atticus
  7. organize my book shelves
  8. write 3 letters to friends
  9. media allowance plan for Hope
  10. Book Thief film
  11. plan and host “friendsgiving” (Thanksgiving with friends)
  12. season 2 of Call the Midwife
  13. see Isa Chandra Moskowitz in Athens, Georiga
  14. read The Historian, The Book Thief, If on a winter’s night a traveler, and Oryx and Crake
  15. Catching Fire film
  16. baked parsnips with honey
  17. quinoa apple salad
  18. vegan rice pudding
  19. baked acorn squash
  20. autumn arugula salad
  21. family photos
  22. finish Persy’s blanket
  23. make Christmas cards
  24. finalize December plans (i.e. baking, Christmas card timeline, present budget and list, schedule gatherings and parties)
  25. autumn spice pancakes

Okay, let’s do this!



  1. Yay, congrats! I love that to be a more productive Pinterest user, you have to stop using Pinterest so much. I definitely think it’s true! I browse through a couple of times per month now, and I feel so much less pressure in my life. The things we do to ourselves.

    Good luck in November! This is a nice challenge you’re setting for yourself. 🙂

  2. I like this idea! I get on Pinterest now and look but don’t pin because I know that half the time I won’t do it. I mainly look at the humor board to fall asleep. I may steal this idea!

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