October Pin it and Do it Update






I thought I’d do a bit of an update on my progress with the October Pin it and Do it challenge. My original post is here. You can also see my Autumn Bucket List Pinboard to see what ideas I have for the fall and my Pins Completed Pinboard has all my completed projects.

Here is what is marked off the list:

  1. Read The Victorian Chaise LoungeFables #17, and The Asylum.
  2. Completed the 24-hour Readathon.
  3. Crockpot apple butter
  4. Took a family trip to the Pumpkin Farm
  5. Baked vegan pumpkin snickerdoodle coffeecake
  6. Got the pumpkin carved (although, to be honest, Sam did the carving).

Here is what I have in progress or coming up this week:

  1. Still working on Persy Jane’s blanket
  2. Reading The Historian
  3. One episode left on the first season of Ripper Street
  4. Night of the Living Dead with Sam
  5. Atticus’s 3rd birthday party on Sunday
  6. making vegan cocoa (this is so happening tonight)
  7. making pumpkin creamer
  8. roasting cinnamon sugar pumpkin seeds

October is turning out to be a pretty great project month. If all goes well I will more than meet my goal of eight pins completed!

How is everyone else doing?



  1. My pins are coming along. The only thing I’ve really marked off my list is to frame my Smiths print and paint a room. I’m hoping to magically find the inspiration to finish while simultaneously convince my two year old that he really does want to sleep through the night (he was, now he’s not).

    1. My 2 year old — gosh, he’ll be my 3 year old on Sunday — still periodically wakes up at night. I just mentally mark in my head to wake him up at 7am every Saturday morning when he is 15. Revenge!

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