Random Number Book Survey

I found this on a blog — I cannot  remember which one — and wrote down the questions. I keep memes like this for times when I really want to blog about books, but I haven’t finished a book or purchased anything new.

The premise is that you choose a random number and count the books on your bookshelves. You use the book you land on to answer certain questions. I picked a number between 1 and 33 (because I am 33 years old) and Random.org selected the number 14 for me. I skipped a few books because I hadn’t read them yet and the question demanded the book already be read.

Here we go.


1. What do you think of the cover?


I have to say I really like this cover. It looks very Gondor-ish.

2. Write a 140 character review:


A story within a story of two sisters, death, and posthumous fiction. The Booker Prize winner will hook you in with mystery and will surprise at the end (i.e. that’s the best I can do, I read this about 10 years ago).

3. How or where did you get this book?



I bought this book at Barnes and Noble in the May of 2007. I had just decided that I was ready to break up with my boyfriend at the time and I couldn’t get into a novel. I chose a book of short stories and drank them all in within a week.

4. Who is your favorite character and why?


Edmund Dantes is HAWT. I love a good Byronic anti-hero. Sexiness.

5. Recommend this book to a fellow blogger:

book5I’m going to recommend this to Thomas at My Porch because it reminds me of a multi-generational Howard’s End. I am thinking he has either read it and loved it or read it and hated it with a passion. We shall see.

6. How long ago did you read this book?

book6Dr. Brim’s World Lit Class in 2000 or 2001.

7. Describe your favorite scene:


I cannot think of one particular scene, but I know that I was riveted during Anne Boleyn’s trial and execution. I mean, I knew how it would end but I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.



8. Random Quote:


““ We are all prisoner, but the name of our cure is not freedom”

9. How did you hear about or discover this book?


I read The House at Riverton in 2010 and loved it! I picked this one up with a coupon at Books-a-MIllion but I haven’t read it yet.

10. Would you redesign the cover?


No way! Not only is this one of my top five novels, it may be my most favorite cover!



11. Who is your least favorite character and why?



If I told you my least favorite character I would spoil the plot. Suffice it to say I hated each of the main characters in places — it depended a lot on who was narrating — but at the end I discovered my most loathsome character.

12. If you like _____, then you’ll like _____:



If you like well-written short stories of the South with a mythological link then you will love this collection. Hell, if you appreciate well-written stuff PERIOD you will love this collection.

13. What is one cool thing about this book:


This book was written for and about Virginia Woolf’s lover Vita Sackville-West. It is a “fanciful” biography of sorts.

14. Where is this book set, would you visit?



Set on a volcanic island? No thank you.

15. To whom is the book dedicated?


Dedicated to Holman Hunt the painter. Pretty cool.



  1. The covers of the books are awesome! And you make me want to pick up The Count of Monte Cristo, no mean feat. Plus get to reading Hilary Mantel’s series. And looking for that Eudora Welty collection. Lovely meme!

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