Readerly Rambles: 10/09/2013

asylumWhat I Read:  I finished The Victorian Chaise Longue by Marghanita Laski and I have to say that I would classify this as one of the most important works of feminist literature ever. Seriously, this ranks up there with The Yellow Wallpaper and all those Virginia Woolf biographies and the stories of Angela Carter. Expect a review in the near future. This book is slim and horrifying and rich with meaning. Well done, Persephone books for bringing this one back.

What I’m Reading:  The Asylum by John Harwood. I’m only 52 pages in, but I am already hooked. It reminds me of Affinity and The Little Stranger. Insanity or not? Ghost or not? I need to block out an evening and read my eyes out on this one. I love an unreliable narrator.

What’s up Next: The Historian. I swear. I’m going to reread it. My logic in jumping ahead to the Harwood is that the Harwood is a library book that is due very soon. Then The Historian. Really.

Other bookish bits: That brings me to my challenge for the new year. I forget who does it, but someone hosts a challenge where one reads from one’s stacks from January 1st until April 1st and that means no reading new books either. Just from the books purchased prior to January 1st. I’m going to do it because I really need to read more of my own collection.

Logically this means I should amass more books prior to January 1st (says the book addict). There is a massive book sale in my town October 24th-27th and I’m going. I’m vowing to not spend any of my spending money (about $10 a week) on lattes and eating out so I can buy books.

Oh yes, and I am unabashedly asking for books for Christmas. I never get books for Christmas. Maybe one, but that is it. I want books. I crave them. I need them (saying this in my best Gollum voice).

Right get all the books… read all the books…. happy times.



  1. I have a big birthday/Christmas book list myself. And I love the idea of reading one’s own books from January to April. That seems remarkably chewable and doable to me. Must read The Asylum and The Victorian Chaise Longue! But I must buy them before January 1.

  2. We have our library book sale coming up this weekend, so we will see if I can be good or if I come home with my weight in books. Book addicts unite! 🙂

    I always ask for books for Christmas. My family knows what to expect at this point!

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