October 2013 Pin It and Do It

October 2013 Pin it

I think I’ve finally figured out how to battle the Pinterest beast. You know, the beast that makes you feel like a complete failure because you spent the month working and breastfeeding and watching Daily Show reruns and not hand-dying yarn, decoupaging your ceiling, and making homemade pasta every night of the week.

First I look at all of my pin board categories and pull a few things from each one onto a “themed” board. For example I pulled some recipes, crafts, and cleaning projects from my various boards and then pinned them onto my Autumn Bucket List board.

The second must important thing I do is that I make sure everything on there isn’t a ginormous project. Cookie recipes, knitted blankets, and home decor projects are there, but I’ve also expanded to include books, movies, cleaning my oven, taking a trip to a pumpkin farm, and even moving my toddler to a “big boy” bed (that in itself is probably a huge project).

I find I get things done and feel rather accomplished. Yes, Pinterest can stress me out… I’m one of those list/organization/getting-shit-done fiends.

For this round I’m going to be bold and venture into the Pin Obsessed category of 8+ pins. Here’s an idea of some of the things I’ll be doing. I haven’t linked to each pin, but please check out my Autumn Bucket List board and send me some suggestions!

  1. Reading: The Victorian Chaise-Longue, The Asylum, and The Historian and participating in an abbreviated way in the 24-hour readathon.
  2. write a letter to one friend
  3. vegan cocoa mix
  4. a trip to Burt’s pumpkin farm
  5. pumpkin snickerdoodle coffee cake
  6. Atticus’s 3rd birthday party
  7. crockpot apple butter
  8. hang stuff up properly on the living room wall
  9. honey wheat oatmeal bread
  10. listerine foot trick (I’m skeptical)
  11. kale and veggie autumn soup
  12. elbow patches on a cardigan
  13. baked apples
  14. autumn root vegetable stew
  15. new Arcade Fire album (get it and listen!)
  16. finish season 1 of Ripper Street
  17. chai spiced snickerdoodles
  18. butternut bliss fall salad
  19. autumn vegan salad
  20. carrot cake cookies
  21. pumpkin apple muffins
  22. finish Walking Dead season 3
  23. Night of the Living Dead riff trax date with Sam
  24. finish Persy’s blanket
  25. Atticus’s Halloween costume

I know it seems like a lot, but I’m incorporating a lot of the recipes into my meal plans; the blanket and TV watching is already underway; album is pre-ordered, and dates/trips/parties are scheduled.

Let’s do this!



  1. Whoa giant list! 😉 Good luck with all the things and I’m glad that you’re branching out with more than just recipes. It’s always so much fun to see the variety in what folks do! Glad you’re joining.

  2. Wow. So many cool/fun things to do here. Please help my technical ignorance…how do I view actual recipes? When I click on things on the Pinterest board, it just takes me to more pictures somewhere else. I’m clearly missing something. (It’s not just yours – anytime I’ve tried to go to the “source” of something Pinned, this has always happened to me. It’s because I don’t know how it works.)
    Hope you are enjoying your day! Thanks for sharing all these good ideas.

    1. That happens a lot when people incorrectly pin things. I usually make sure I pin things that go directly to the source of the recipe/craft/project. Sometimes I pin just images if it is, say, a living room arrangement and I just need the pictures. I think all of mine are linked correctly on pinterest, but I could be wrong.

  3. I finally join #pinitdoit in the hopes it will inspire me to get things done. I’m not super hopeful, but maybe. I also want to finish season three of The Walking Dead. This would require starting it (which I really do want to do).

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