My Three Little Peppers and How They’re Growing

My children are growing so quickly. As cheesy as it sounds I feel like the intro to Days of our Lives is appropriate: “like sand through the hourglass…” and all that. I thought I might give a little update on how my little peppers are growing.




Hope is an absolute burst of sunshine. She is hilarious, has recently developed a penchant for dresses, loves cross country but sprinting more, plays the trumpet, and insists that Liam Hemsworth is her soulmate. She is beautiful inside and out and she really helps with her siblings so much. We moved her bedroom to the basement this summer and she is thrilled at the prospect of having a place to hangout with her friends with less shushing from the grownups. I am so proud of her and her endless bright outlook on life. Let me also mention that she is killing 8th grade, her grades have never been better.



Atticus is hilarious. He is at the stage where his imagination has really taken off. He regales us with tales of giants, and boats, and spaceships, and angry clawing gingerbread men. He cuddles with mama, but he is a huge daddy fan. He wants daddy to give him a bath and tuck him in and play with him. Although he can drive his big sister nuts, he is still crazy about her and loves going to her room to watch movies and play with “lip gwoss.” Persy is his heart, he sings her twinkle, twinkle at night and if he is sad or hurt he wants to cuddle with the baby.



Oh Persy, you are a hug wrapped around my heart. Persy is growing far, far too fast. She now has four teeth, can sit up completely on her own, crawl, and today she pulled up. She will be eight months old on Friday. Now she shares a room with Atticus and Atticus has proudly told me he keeps her safe from the giants. Persy lights up when she smiles and has the most delightful belly laugh.

There we are… my three little peppers and boy how they are growing.


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