Scheduling: An Assessment and Update of sorts

ImageA few weeks ago I wrote about an exciting schedule change. Essentially my plan was to have “mom morning” where the kids are at school and I am home alone, work six days a week, and devote myself entirely to my family in the early morning, the evening, and on Sundays. You can read more about my initial plans here, but I thought I’d fill you on how my genius plan is working.

It is working and working well.

I’ve now been on my new schedule for a few weeks and with just a few minor adjustments I think I am on my way.

What is working

I’m present — truly present — with my kids in the morning, evenings, and on Sundays. There’s still housework to complete (that never ends) but the rushed stressfulness of doing it all between 5pm and 9pm is gone.

I’m calmer. In the morning after the kids are dropped off I go for a walk or run errands. Most of the time I don’t have to speak until 10:30 or 11. The quiet and solitude are absolutely a balm to this introverted soul.

Because of the exercise and the quiet mornings, I find that I am much sharper and focused at work. I don’t drag in the morning, I’m generally more pleasant, and the shorter work day means I don’t feel exhausted while confined in cube surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the library work room.

Saturdays at work completely rock. I am the only staff member — save for a hand full of student workers — and this means no meetings, or emails, or other office crap. I get so much work done while drinking coffee, and listening to NPR, and eating the freshly baked whatever that I made in the morning because I wake at 5 and don’t leave for work until 9:30. It is a good thing. 

Another bonus — Sam and the kids have quality time on Saturdays. Last Saturday he took them to a Snake Day at our local nature center and this upcoming Saturday there will be a local art event. Good times.

Just a bit of frustration this week, I realized that I could spend my entire morning cleaning and folding clothes and paying bills and doing other mundane household things. I’ve tweaked my chore schedule and realized that I just need to do what I can. I do 30 minutes of “daily” chores (starting laundry, making beds, figuring out dinner, tidying the kitchen, vacuuming the main rooms, wiping down the bathroom sink and toilet). I quit when the timer is done. PERIOD. Then I move onto my 30 minute “focus area.” On Tuesdays and Fridays I skip my morning walk to do longer tasks and errands.
— Monday I spend time doing extra cleaning in the bedrooms/bathroom.
— Tuesday I do all my phone calls, scheduling, bill paying, and brief errands (i.e. mailing items, returning library books, etc).
— Wednesday I do extra cleaning in the living room and  study.
— Thursday I do extra cleaning in the kitchen and the dining room.
— Friday I go grocery shopping. Let me tell you that early morning grocery shopping without kids is HEAVEN.

Things to work on

I still find I have a few areas to work on. Okay, really just two areas.

1.  I need to remember myself. I’m not taking time off on the weekends any more, so going to my Thursday knitting group is important. If I don’t go to my knitting group then it is important I take a few hours on Sunday. It is also important for me to stop doing chores and pick up some knitting or a book or blog a bit. If I just do the daily grind I will soon be exhausted. I crave those times to myself and they make for a healthier, happier me.

2. Technology. I absolutely must put my phone down in the evening. I feel as if I am nursing all the time and I get bored and I tend to just stare at my phone. I’ve deleted my Facebook notifications, so I am checking less often. I am going to initiate a “no phones after 5pm” rule. That will allow me time to get my kids in bed and spend time with my husband and the cat instead of spending all my time staring at my phone.

I think that’s it. I’m happy as a clam right now. A bit sleep deprived, but still happy. Cheers to thinking outside of the box in regards to scheduling. 


  1. Go you! This sounds like an amazing compromise on the work schedule. Love it, love it! And I’m also trying to do shorter bursts of cleaning so I’m not harping on that all weekend. Likewise, I’m trying to put my phone away when I get home. 🙂

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