Readerly Rambles: 09/12/13

What I read:
I spent the end of July and most of August reading fantasy / young adult literature. First I read The Ocean at the End of the Lane and it was classic Gaiman: haunting, imaginative, and terrifying.

Then I read the Matched series. I thought the premise of Matched clever, but I wanted a bit “more” story. I chalked this up to being my usual issue with YA lit. I always want more depth in my characters and stories and I find that the Harry Potter books are the only YA lit I have enjoyed as an adult. The second book, Crossed, was tolerable. I got sick of the love story quickly, but once again I know that most teenagers want romance and I’m just the married lady who thinks that starving, unbathed, dusty people wouldn’t be so lovey dovey. The third book, Reached, was unbearable. I feel awful saying I hated the book because the author is such a lovely person. I thought the plot fell through and the characterization flat. I had to work to get through it.

My last book I read was The Diary of Anne Frank. I haven’t read the book since middle school and I wanted to revisit it. Oddly enough it was a completely different experience from my 12 year old self reading the book. As a teen I thought that Anne Frank’s mother was awful. As an adult I find myself cringing at the thought of living with an angst-ridden teen in such close quarters. I also grieved differently at the end of the book. I grieved as a mother. I pictured Mrs. Frank being separated from her children and the horror and helplessness she probably felt. It was sobering and I hugged my kids extra the evening I finished the book.

What I’m reading:
Right now I’m about 60 pages into my Classic Club spin book, The Dead Secret by Wilkie Collins. I’m really loving it so far and I think it will prove to be a combination of The Law and the Lady and Uncle Silas.

I’m also dipping into a short story collection entitled, Dracula’s Guest and Other Victorian Vampire Stories for my Peril of the Short Story. I’ve read the introduction and a few brief “real life” accounts of vampires, but I’m most excited to get down to the stories.

What’s up next:
Peril of the group read!  I should already have started The Historian, but I wanted to complete my read for the Classics Club first. The Historian will be a re-read for me and I recall it being a quick read despite the heft of the book.

What I bought: 
While we were in Athens on our trip I bought a few books at the Goodwill: Tana French’s In the Woods and a copy of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. I also stopped off at Jackson Street Books — my favorite used book store — and snagged five titles:

  • William by E.H. Young: a Virago novel.
  • The Green Knight by Iris Murdoch: My Murdoch stash is growing. Maybe an Iris Murdoch event next year? I’m thinking Murdoch in March has a nice ring to it.
  • Lucia Rising by E. F. Benson: A collection of the first three Lucia books. I picked this up because 90% of readers I admire love Benson.
  • The Glass of Time by Michael Cox: The follow up novel to The Meaning of Night which is in my immediate TBR pile.
  • The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell: I bought this simply because Andi said it kicked ass and Andi is my book Yoda.

My shelves are out of control. I have got to get down to reading. So many books, so little time. *sigh*


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