A Night Away


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This year we decided to do a 24-hour getaway — just the two of us — for Sam’s birthday. It was wonderful and it really reminded me that my number one job is to be an awesome mom, but I need to not forget that I’m also a wife; it is so important for the health of our marriage that we take time to go out. We’ve committed to trying for a date night once a month. This month was special because of Sam’s birthday.

On Sunday we left the kids with framily; Shannon showed up at 10:30 and allowed us a chance to pack and get ready to go. Sam and I were on our way by 11:30. We did some thrifting and I scored some clothes for the kids. Then we checked into our hotel room. We spent the afternoon watching cable TV and relaxing and then we went out to dinner. After dinner we found a coffeehouse and I spent the evening knitting while Sam worked on homework. Then back to the hotel. This morning we had a delicious leisurely breakfast and then Sam indulged me and we went to the bookstore. I left with a lovely stack of books. Now we’re home and puttering for a few hours before we pick up the kids.

I feel rested, relaxed and completely in love. Life is good.



  1. Time away from the kids is SO helpful. There’s no dollar sign that can be put on rest, and rest makes for a much happier mom (and for me, it gives me just a little more patience 😉 ). So glad that you got to get away!

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