Welcome, September


We’re nearly there…September 1st is just around the corner. I’ll have my new schedule and I’m hopeful this will lead to the perfect balance of productivity, time with my family and time alone.

Here are some other good things around the bend in September:

  • Hope’s football games (she plays trumpet in pep band). I don’t care two hoots about football, but being outside in the golden air, listening to pep band, and hearing the crowd is the most perfect backdrop for a cozy outdoor knitting session.
  • Soup: I love soup. I plan to start September off with a good gazpacho, but I imagine my autumn filled with bowls heavy with golden soups. Of course loaves of crusty bread are a must with soup. Bread baking will be in full force.


  • Outdoors: crunchy leaves. dark evening. cool misty mornings. NO MOSQUITOES. I love the autumnal outdoors and find it much easier to enjoy morning and evening walks.
  • Trip with Sam: Next week I’m whisking Sam away for a brief 24-hour getaway. We’re just going to Athens. We plan on spending time together, gorging on vegan chocolate death cake, drinking gallons of coffee, and thrifting. And sleeping. Uninterrupted sleep. I don’t even remember what it is like to sleep until I wake on my own.

(photo credit)

  • Clothes: I won’t have any money for clothes at all until the end of September, but then textured tights, cardigans, scarves, and my trusty boots will be my wardrobe staples. Hope is pretty much set with her clothes (she chooses her own clothing) and Atticus only needs a winter coat and some hoodies. Persy on the other hand …. let’s just say I cannot wait to shop. Baby leg warmers, wee cardigans, footie pajamas… it will be so much fun.
  • Introvert week: Yup. I had introvert week in May of 2012, but I really think that Autumn is such an introvert-friendly time. Introvert week will run from September 22nd through September 28th.
  • Bloggiesta: This event slightly overlaps with Introvert week. Held from September 20th – 22nd, Bloggiesta is basically a weekend of blog sprucing. I plan on spending the time redoing my booklists on my blog. Instead of listing by year, I plan to list by author last name.


  • Yarn: I plan on making my return to my knitting group in September. I’ve been knitting the same damn blanket all year. The colors are lovely, but I really need to work on completing this blanket soon. I have Christmas stitching to begin!
  • Blankets: Speaking of blankets, I cannot wait to break out my wedding quilt and put it on the bed.
  • Autumn bucket list: I’ve made an Autumn Bucket List pinboard with more things than I can ever accomplish. It is inspiring and filled with fun. Have a look.

Tomorrow morning it is on; September will be here and I’m giddy with optimism. I’m ignoring the heavy, humid over 80 degree weather and I will stubbornly begin my Fall celebrations.

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