Countdown to September: Schedule Changes

This is why I keep a blog. Guess what? Every summer I get in the same too busy, frenzied funk. No wonder I posted this yesterday. 

Seeing as this is a habit, next year I plan on using my vacation time in a creative way and working five days a week, but reducing the number of hours a day I work. In part I’m inspired by my new work schedule, which begins in September. It may sound hellish at first, but in truth it is brilliant:

I will be working six days a week: Monday – Saturday.

I know you’re all thinking I’ve lost my ever-loving mind. How in the hell fire will working more days decrease my stress.

Let me explain.


crazy idea!


First of all I had several things to consider:

  1. I AM the interlibrary loan department at the library. If I miss a weekday we fall woefully behind and that makes the rest of the work week chaotic. So working Tuesday – Saturday isn’t a good idea.
  2. I hate closing a night at the library. I don’t get home until 10:15, I have trouble falling asleep, and then I’m up again with the kids at 5 in the freaking morning. It is just too much.
  3. Hope has ADHD and needs me to be present in the evening to supervise homework. Sam is in college — in addition to working 40+ hours a week — and needs quiet time in the evening to study. Atticus and Persy need me to be present in the evening: nursing, cuddling, playing, bathing, tucking in. And I desperately need some time to recharge at some point in the day.
  4. ACK! But all this other stuff needs to be done too! When will I make doctor appointments and pay bills and look through homework? What about the laundry and cooking and cleaning and errand running?
  5. Speaking of appointments. With the three kids all the ortho/dentist/doctor/school appointments are eating up my sick leave at work.

Yeah. Our current schedule just isn’t working. I wake at 5 in the morning, have the babies to daycare by 7:30, get to work at 7:45, leave work at 5 and then spend from 5pm to 9pm being a complete bitch. I’m trying to do too many things at once. Sure I’m there with the kids, but while I’m nursing I’m paying bills. While I half-listen to Hope explain her math homework I’m chopping vegetables. I put the laundry in the wash and forget to put it in the dryer because I’m on the floor playing. Too. much. to. do. Then I get everyone in the bed, pack my lunch, shower and then try to read for 30 minutes. My husband and I both lack the energy to spend time together because we are exhausted.

What to do? If I just had some time to myself with the kids in school to do the domestic things, had some quiet to myself, was able to be a fully-present parent in the morning and evening, AND could keep my top of my duties at work I would be GOLDEN.

Then it hit: WHAM! I need mama mornings.


Yup… that’s me


Here is what my schedule will look like:

Monday / Wednesday: 10:30 – 5

Tuesday / Thursday / Friday: 11-5

Saturday: 9:45 – 6:45

Here is WHY this is going to rock:

  1. I have my mornings before the kids go to school to SOLELY FOCUS ON THE KIDS. I needn’t worry about my hair or makeup or purse. My job is to wake them, dress them, feed them, and not be a screaming banshee. I’ll don my exercise clothes and brush my teeth and then I’m all mom.
  2. After dropping off said lovely children I will have time to go for a morning walk. It is cooler. I have my Audible account. I can think and burn calories. Healthy introvert win.
  3. Each morning I have a specific task after my morning walk. Mondays it is to throw something in the oven and settle the weeks bills / file things / etc…. Tuesdays will be my thrifting day. Wednesdays will be my 1-hour cleaning day (set the timer and do what I can). Thursdays I will pick a particular project or room to work on and do things that are difficult to do with tots underfoot. Fridays I will go grocery shopping BY MYSELF. I can also schedule all necessary appointments for mornings and know that it will not impact meetings or eat into my sick time.
  4. After work I will come home, wrap up dinner, and then I’m DONE. I can focus on my kids and my husband. And when the kids are in bed I can knit or read or hang out with Sam. Football games, teen sleepovers, and band recitals are no problem because I’m not having to work a night (at my library everyone works a weekend day or a closing shift).
  5. Saturday will be a long workday, but a productive one. NO MEETINGS and no new emails coming through. That means I can just work. Yay! And I’ll have my mornings with the kids since I wake with the early birds and I can still tuck them in bed at night. I also think it is good for Sam to spend time with the kids alone.
  6. Sunday is family day. A day where everyone is home, we can do yard work (or not), I can cook a big pot of soup, and we can relax as a family.

stitch stitch stitch


I really like the idea of focusing on my kids in the morning and evening. I want quality time with them. This also means I need to change a few other things to *truly* be with them. For one, 5pm – 8pm is no technology time. Atticus may watch some Netflix while I cook dinner, but no blogging, no mindless scrolling through facebook, no Kindle reading while nursing. Just being. I’ve also deleted the Facebook app off my phone. I can check FB on my lunch break and at night. I don’t need to stare at my phone when I’m bored.


I’ll be enjoying that quiet walk sans dog


I know it seems like I’m just thinking about my family and ignoring that craving for some time alone. A morning walk with my thoughts. A Saturday to work without chatter with a cup of coffee in hand and some Arcade Fire playing on the computer. Putting a loaf of bread in the oven. The quiet stillness of my empty house with the dryer humming in the background while I fold clothes. Reading and night and when my morning projects are done. This is enough. Just enough solitude to sweeten the joy of seeing my family.

I cannot wait.



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    Thanks for being part of the blogging community. I look forward to reading more posts and conversing in the future!

  2. I can’t even imagine having so many things and people to deal with every. single. day. You sound like a very dedicated mom, and this new schedule definitely shows that — I like the idea of limiting tech use. I don’t have a smartphone myself, but I do spend hours and hours on the internet, and sometimes by the end of the day I’m exhausted, which always feels weird because I haven’t actually DONE anything. It’s so easy to forget there’s fun to be had in the real, physical world.

    Rock on, and best of luck!

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