Weekend Cooking: 07/13/13

ImageGiven Persy’s newly discovered dairy intolerance, we’ve been eating quite a few vegan meals around here. Okay, pretty much all vegan. Usually I make a vegan dinner and if folks choose they can add some eggs or cheese. The only meat I buy is for Sam; usually a frozen pizza and either some burritos or hot pockets.

I’ve noticed several things about being vegetarian (I still eat eggs so I’m technically not vegan).

— I eat more fruits and vegetables

— Food is more flavorful, seasonal, and fresh

— I don’t feel heavy or bloated after eating

I’d like to share with you my absolute favorite recipe I’ve made so far: Black Bean Quinoa Salad. I don’t share full recipes on my blog if I didn’t make significant modifications. I promise you not a think needs to be modified in this recipe. Crisp, summery, and delicious. I ate my salad in a pita pocket with some avocado slices, but the recipe suggests you eat it on a bed of lettuce.

I may be slacking with housework and shaving my legs, but boy my work lunches are looking pretty good!




  1. I’ve never cooked quinoa, but have been wanting to try it. This recipe sounds like a good place to start as all the other ingredients are things I love. Any tips for cooking the quinoa?

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