Persy Jane, 5 months



Yesterday marked our country’s independence and also the 5-month birthday for Miss Persephone. She is such an easy baby. Sure she has had colds, and weird skin rashes, and strep, and other aliments, but each illness she braves. Even when she doesn’t feel good she smiles.

Okay, Persy, lets document some of the awesome things you’re doing:

  • Rolling over both ways. It is your mode of transportation. I put you on your blanket and you just roll.
  • You’re fascinated by your toes, watching me slice red peppers, and your brother’s stuffed Clifford the Big Red Dog.
  • You let me sleep, which is much appreciated. 
  • You enjoy having dad make you buzz around the room like an airplane.
  • You giggle after making a full diaper.
  • You really want to crawl; you scoot backwards and sideways and you get really grumpy and frustrated that you cannot crawl forwards.
  • You don’t give two poots about nursing. You’ll nurse, but you’d really rather be watching the trees out the window or staring at the cat or laughing at your sister.
  • What is up with the nose-wiping aversion? 

I cannot believe we’ve nearly reached the half-way mark. Oddly enough, I feel like you’ve just arrived and at the same time I feel like you’ve always been with me. I love you, PeaPie, you’re a sweet silly girl. 


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