An Uplifting Day!

ImageToday I am very proud of my country.

I am proud of the feminists how supported the Davis filibuster.

I am proud of DOMA’s demise.

I could say a great deal about my thoughts on these two events, but I will limit it to this: THE PERSONAL IS ALWAYS POLITICAL.

I stand with Davis because I am a politically pro-choice, personally pro-life woman. I have been there and I know the hate, discrimination, and hardship that stems from being a single mother. I have lived through the fears and nightmares and hauntings that still afflict me as a survivor of repeated sexual violence. Decreasing abortion takes two things:

  1. increased social aid, an end to slut-shaming, education, and health care
  2. valuing ALL LIFE. So, yeah..gun control, ending capital punishment, caring for all theses babies we want to be born, and –yes — ethical and humane agricultural standards.

I support DOMA because all humans are equal. Because I believe strongly in monogamy. How can two people wanting to be together for life… wanting to love and care for one another… wanting stability … possibly led to something bad?

There is still so much work to do. Onward!




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