Nerd Scenes, or, Catching up on Bookish Things

ImageScene #1: I was showering on Friday afternoon and started thinking about Stella Gibbons: gosh i loved Cold Comfort Farm… I should reread that… or maybe read  a different Gibbons book … after all I’ve only read that one book.

Scene #2: On Thursday while reading Barbara Pym’s letters and memoirs: this book is a veritable parade of Virago and Persephone novels. I should read Rosamund Lehmann. See this is why I love reading the journals of authors… ohhhh I have the journals of Sylvia Townsend Warner on my shelf… I should go read it.

Scene #3: Thinking about an ex-coworker and out of town friend: I miss Traci… I wonder what she is reading… she told me I should read Zola and I did and loved it… I should read more Zola…. oh and Galsworthy… I think I have a hankering for some multi-volume family saga… oh that one blog reader recommended the Cazalets… maybe I will pick that up

I have an overwhelming desire to read everything right now. I am drinking in the books like you wouldn’t…. wait… you would believe it as many of you are book lovers. That yearning to shut away the world and all of the cares and forget about everything and just read until eyes are burning.

Most likely my intense need for quiet, solitude and books stems from the week of sick children, the massive pile up of projects at work, and my two days I took off work simply to clean and disinfect my home and to conquer my massive laundry pile. Now the kids are better, work is tamed, the house is sorta still clean,and I’ve had a date with my husband and I can focus on satiating this book lust.

First, several bookish things to catch up on:

  • I am nearly done with Barbara Pym’s A Very Private Eye and over the week I finished Civil to Strangers. Reviews are in progress and should be up this week (good lord willin’ and the Creek don’t rise)
  • My TBR Challenge: I have read a paltry 2 books. I need to up my game and read roughly two books a month from my list. Right now Elizabeth Bowen’s The Heat of the Day  and A.S. Byatt’s The Children’s Book are calling to me.
  • Classics Club: I have only read ten of my books so far (three of those are from this year). I am getting ready to start my Classics Spin read, Jenny by Sigrid Undset (which reminds me… I really must get to Kristin Lavransdatter soon).
  • Summer book club: I am doing some reading with Hope this summer, right now we are in the midst of The Diary of a Young Girl. I haven’t read this in twenty years and it is amazing how much Anne Frank still resonates with me. 
  • Random library books: I have a few library books that I’ve brought home — Marbles (a graphic novel about Bipolar Disorder), The Solitary House (a mystery based on Bleak House),and The Fortune of the Rougons by Emile Zola is on its way from interlibrary loan. I can’t help myself. Zola is calling to me.

Alright. Time to cut this blog post short and blissfully crawl back into a book.



  1. Ooh, The Children’s Book is excellent although quite an emotional read. I was longing to jump into a pile of books last night after a slightly odd and disjointed weekend, however ended up reading a slightly disappointing review copy on my PC and spending hours booking our holiday! I am starting to mull excitedly about my upcoming Month of Re-Reading, though …

  2. Had to chuckle at this post – my list of books I want to read “right now” exceeds 35 titles….hmmm…is that a greed issue? Let’s not call it that. Let’s just call it enthusiasm. 😉 Happy reading to you!

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