Nothing to do with Barbara Pym



Oh Barbara Pym week. How I lovingly planned this week. I even decided to take half days off work this week to read and blog while the kids are at daycare.

Then 2 trips to the ER and a Monday doctor appointment and Sam and I are exhausted and I am more than a little weepy. Atticus’s legs are covered in a rash. And Persy Jane, my 17 week old little baby, is covered head to toe in this rash. We’ve been told it is infected eczema. 

I have had 3 hours of sleep. Constant screaming from both kids.

Barbara Pym will have to wait. I am so sorry.



  1. Oh my goodness. 😦 I am so sorry for your little ones, and hope they are both feeling ever so much better very soon!!! And I hope that you’re able to get some rest very soon. The stress that comes from your child(ren)’s suffering is among the hardest, most exhausting stress there is. *hugs to all*

  2. Oh dear – so sorry. No one minds you taking time for family but what a shame for your plans. Hope that your little ones feel better soon – and that you get some sleep.

  3. Poor babies! Poor you!

    I think it could be Pym fortnight, anyway, finishing reading a book can easily take that long.

    Laughed at the teenager who didn’t want her picture taken – I have one of those. I feel like a paparazza when we go on a trip and I dare to take a snap of her! Get well soon, positive vibes coming from over the pond.

  4. Oh my Lordie, I am soooo sorry to hear this. I hope the wee ones are better soon. Like you, I adore Barbara Pym!

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