Happy Birthday, Barbara Pym!



Today would have been Barbara Pym’s 100th birthday. To celebrate I joined in a virtual tea party hosted by Heavenali. My original plan was to bake something from The Barbara Pym Cookery Book. I received that book via interlibrary loan and I was thrilled to find that it was signed by Hilary Pym — Barbara’s younger sister — and the authors of the foreword and introduction. It is also signed by one of the publishers. I looked through the book and I must say that I’m more impressed by the gathering of quotations in the book than the recipes. I was looking at some cake recipes, but I had a feeling they would need some tweaking.

Then yesterday I had a trip to the emergency room with a sick kiddo (strep throat) and was up part of the night and then up super early in the morning. I knew tweaking a recipe would prove a disaster. Instead, I made Earl Grey cupcakes. I haven’t made those since my wedding in January of 2010.

After they cooled we had a tea party. My teenager, Alicia Hope, had fun, but really didn’t want her picture taken. Atticus, age 2, enjoyed cake and his first cup of Earl Grey (decaf, with more milk than tea). At 17 weeks Persephone Jane wasn’t allowed tea and cake, but she sat at the table as part of her “Excellent Woman” training.

Is anyone else celebrating with baked goods? Thomas looks like he has baked some delicious treats AND he is doing a cookbook giveaway.

Happy Birthday, Barbara!



  1. Happy Birthday, indeed! Looks like you’re training them young 😉
    I bought scones today instead of baking them — but certainly enjoyed tea and scones — and ILL-ing that cookbook is a great idea I may have to steal!

  2. Earl Grey cupcakes sound wonderful – it’s my favourite tea. I’m sorry that the week didn’t turn out well for you – and hope everyone is on the mend – but thank you for teaming up with Thomas to create the reading week: I have found a new favourite author in Barbara Pym, and am so enjoyed reading everyone’s posts this week.

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