Sugar Shock

If things had gone as planned and I had posted this on Friday morning you would be reading something different than what you are about to read.

You would have been reading a logical, rational, and most likely smug smack-down on sugar and my plans for a regimented, invigorating cleanse.

I didn’t get a chance to blog yesterday (because I was watching Star Trek with Sam) so I started on my sugar-free journey today without announcing it to the entire internet. Lucky you.

Sweet Mary Mother of God this sucks.

It sucks so badly and I felt so awful and I’ve decided to completely re-jig what I’m doing.

The Original Plan

Eliminate every scrap of sugar. Meaning all cane sugar products, high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners. I have some local honey for my morning oatmeal and the some agave nectar for coffee. Oh, yeah I was going to cut down from three cups of coffee a day to one.

Hahaahahahahahahaha! What the hell was I thinking?

By 11:30 I was tired and shaky. Then I started thinking maybe I was being too over the top with my endeavors. I go from one extreme to the other. Last week I consumed: coke, ice cream, candy bars, donuts (several times), iced lattes, sweet tea, cake, brownies, and cookies. I had 2 servings of junk food just about every day. Partly because it is readily available for free in our breakroom at work and partly because I didn’t give two shits about my health.

Now going from sugar binge to no sugar was dramatic to say the least. I absolutely think it was setting me up for failure. If I continued I would get worn down and I would fail in some insignificant way (hello teaspoon of sugar in my coffee) and say oh well and eat a dozen donuts. Sugar was not my only health concern; I had also strayed onto that dangerous path of eating tons of bread and dairy and not getting in fruits and vegetables. Bad vegetarian.

What I need to do is focus on moderation. Drink my coffee, but have plenty of water too. Have a sandwich for lunch, but see to it that my plate is filled with plenty of healthy vegetables.

Maybe instead of taking a negative approach of not having this and avoiding that I should think of positive things to do.

New Plan

– Focus on whole foods instead of processed junk

– Fill my plate with fruit and vegetables instead of loading it with bread

– Ensure I have protein with every meal so I’m not tired and reaching for sugar

– Drink 12 cups of water a day rather than worrying about my coffee intake

Now I feel motivated to have a hot date with reality and health tomorrow. Positivity for the win!Image



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