Merry Christmas! (a wee bit late)

Last Friday I had a revelation.

Let me back up…. last Friday was super busy.  Atticus had a playdate with a friend at a children’s museum.  A really wonderful children’s museum that is a hot bed of potential injuries (non-secured stools in the diner play area, a giant metal-probably-painted-with-lead-paint 1930’s fire truck for kids to climb on, etc…).  I did a whole lot of waddling around and toting a 33 lb.toddler.  But it was truly was a blast. 

Atticus refused to nap that day and was irritable as a result and my lovely husband offered to hang out with Grumpy Pants so I could have a break.  I went to the coffee shop and feverishly knitted.  I had Christmas gifts to make!  And then the embroidered Christmas stockings to finish!  And more baking when I got home!  And I wanted to handcraft thank you notes!  And then all the non-Christmas things I wanted to do like read Thomas Hardy or blog!!!  ARGHHHHH!!!!

I stood up from my cozy coffee shop chair and felt my hip pop.  I could barely walk.  My left leg felt weak and the pain in my hip was unbearable.  I hobbled home and whined a bunch.  I was convinced the holiday was now ruined and I was worried about being home alone with Atticus the next day while Sam worked.  And that was when I had my revelation…. “fuck my to-do list.”

Seriously…. Sam can get his scarf in January for our anniversary…. I’ve already baked a least a dozen things… neither kid gives two hoots whether their stocking is handmade or the cheapy one from Walgreens. No one in blog land gives a damn if I have Instagrammed holiday cozy photos posted every day.  My hip hurt, I wanted some hot cocoa, a blanket, and to watch White Christmas.  At one point I heaved myself up to go to the bathroom, Persephone rolled over, my hip popped, and I felt almost instantly better.  I take that as a sign that I had the right idea.

I took the weekend in stride and just played with the kids and bummed around.  On Monday we knocked out the housework, I baked cookies and made some candy, and then my in-laws brought over Christmas Eve dinner (yay! no dishes or cooking!).  After the kids were in bed, Sam and I watched Mickey’s Christmas Carol and readied the gifts and stockings.

Christmas day was wonderful.  I didn’t wear makeup.  I didn’t clean the house again before my parents stopped by.  I wasn’t a Nazi over paper bits.  And I finally gave up on keeping the toys orderly.  It was a wonderful relaxing day that culminated in a wonderfully luxurious 3-hour long nap that afternoon.  I need to do this control loosening thing more often. 

Now some photo documentation of said wonderful holiday:



  1. Add me to the list of those of us who need to learn that lesson as well. I am better than I used to be with 2 so close in age now. But I've got a lot left to learn. Sweet pictures, Amanda. SO glad you are having a restful holiday. 😉

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