In Bookish News…

Currently I am a tightly wound ball of sleep-deprived, holiday OCD, hormonal nesting and it ain’t pretty.  I’m trying very hard to read The Return of the Native.  I adore the book, but I’m having difficulty slowing my brain down long enough to read.  When my brain does start to slow down my body thinks it is naptime.  I constantly am waking on the couch with a book slung over my belly and really unattractive sleep-drool on my face.  Ah… pregnancy. Hence I didn’t even finish my reread of Harry Potter (although I hope to finish by the end of the year.)  Hey, I never said I was a realist. 

There are bookish things afoot.

This time of year my “J” function of my INFJ personality gives a little leap.  Every one is making book lists, reading plans, and — of course — signing up for reading challenges.  I don’t do well with reading challenges.  I can’t seem to do one at a time.  Instead, I group them together and decide I will read 20 books in a month, but that’s okay because it will count for 12 or so challenges.  I also eagerly sign up for read alongs, Good Read discussions and then I end up stressed.

Seeing as I’ll have a baby next year, I’ve decided to sign up for ZERO challenges.  Not even a chunkster, or a short story, or a graphic novel challenge.  Zilch.  I’ve also opted to not devise my own challenges. None of this exhaustive listing or goals. I might do some readalongs or GoodReads groups on the low down, but nothing else. Except I will be co-hosting a Barbara Pym reading week in June with our wonderful and bookish Thomas.

Save the Date!  June 1st -8th will be a Pym reading week in celebration of Barbara Pym’s birthday on June 2nd.  Of course, I will be making a birthday cake in her honor.

Other bookish putterings around here include buying Persephone her first book, scooping up pristine Little Golden Books at thrift stores, and purchasing a new reading/nursing chair.  Right after Christmas I will be assembling my own little nursing/reading/stitching nest in the living room and I promise to show you all (the nest, not the nursing). 

Next week I’ll have the great nerd reading year summary.  I betcha can’t wait for that!  (snark snark snark)



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