Dear Santa: A Bookish List

Last week several folks were posting top ten book wishlists for Christmas.  As usual I’m late to the game, but I’d thought I throw in my bookish wishlist for Santa.  I’m not limiting it too much to exact titles, but rather publishers and authors.

1.  Persephone Books:  I only own two Persephone Classics titles (Agnes Jekyll’s Kitchen Essays and Mollie Panter-Downes’s Good Evening, Mrs. Craven).  I want any and all of the Persephone titles.  I lust after their dove grey covers, beautiful end papers, and the tales from one of my favorite eras.  Don’t think that I haven’t thought of using my belly pregnant with my own Persephone as rented ad space for Persephone Books!

2.  Penguin English Library:  I especially long after the Trollope novels from this beautiful paperback sister of the Penguin clothbound books.

3.  Penguin Clothbound books:  Any of them, but especially the Charles Dickens titles and Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables.

4.  Penguin Threads:  Can you tell I’m a Penguin fan?  I’m also a fan of stitching and these books are the marriage between two great loves.

5.  Stella Gibbons:  I own Cold Comfort Farm, but I would love to collect her other titles.

6.  Kristin Lavransdatter by Sigrid Undset:  Preferably the Penguin Deluxe Edition.

7.  Barbara Pym:  I own Excellent Women, Crampton Hodnet, and Civil to Strangers.  I’d like the entire set.

8.  The Glass of Time by Michael Cox: I own the other companion book to this title, The Meaning of Night.

9.  No Name by Wilkie Collins:  Really any Wilkie Collins would be great.  I own The Moonstone, The Woman in White, and Evil Genius and that’s it. 

10.  The Dance to the Music of Time series by Anthony Powell:  BEAUTIFUL volumes.

Whelp… I doubt I’ll get books this year (I’ve asked for many practical things).  I do love daydreaming, books, and lists and this exercise allowed me to indulge my bookish fancies and that makes me a very happy nerd.



  1. Would you believe we've found three copies of Persephone Books from the thrift store recently? And this wasn't the first time it happened either. Go and hunt them! 🙂

    I'm also coveting the Penguin English Library paperbacks. I have copies of a few Dickens in other editions but deliberating over whether I should get the whole Dickens lot in this edition?

  2. I'm so with you on the Penguins!! I've started collecting pretty much all of their different collections :p I got that new Les Mis clothbound hardback and it's GORGEOUS!! And I'm so with you on the Persephones…they're truly book perfection. They make me warm and fuzzy 😀

  3. I love the idea of the cloth bound Penguin classics, but are they annotated like the paperbacks I wonder?

    I was recently looking for a complete set of the A Dance to the Music of Time in paperback but could not find it for love or money. I noticed them once on Thomas at my Porch's shelves and admired them.

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