Fall Vacation Notice

I’ve been thinking a lot about home lately.

Standing in the kitchen slicing carrots for soup as homemade broth simmers on the stove…

Watching my favorite faces enjoying said bowls of soup…

Collecting autumn leaves on long evening walks….

Admiring the golden days turn to dusky and chill nights…

Noticing how cozy and inviting my home looks even when the yard is a mess…

Curling up in bed to read for hours on end…

Prepping Halloween costumes…

To put it simply I’ve been wanting to be a homebody.  I don’t know if this is because it is autumn and the holidays are quickly approaching or if it is a pregnancy thing.  When I was pregnant with Atticus I found myself skipping social events and staying home with my family to ready my nest, relax, and connect with the people who are most important in my life.  Beginning tomorrow  — Friday the 12th — I will be on “staycation.”  I think I’m going to use this time to go on a blog holiday.  I’ll be here for the Readathon on Saturday and will most likely do a post on Sunday, but then I will off of the blog until Monday, October 22nd.

The kiddos are out of school on Friday and Monday.  Friday we are going to the zoo and on Monday we will be doing some extra housework, but then making some autumn crafts.  When they go back to school/daycare I have plans to do some deep cleaning, organizing, and perhaps paint a room or two, but I’m not spending all of my time on that.  I’m going to be okay with not spending my vacation catching up laundry or sorting toy bins. There is baking and reading and stitching to do!  I may even squeeze in a thrift store trip or two to buy some wee baby girl clothes.

Vacation is already off to a great start.  Some friends paid us a surprised visit and cooked us dinner.  Lemongrass Chicken and vegetables with rice followed with Mangos in a vanilla lime sauce.  Delicious.  It was so great to see them.

Alright, see you all at Readathon and then I’m outta here!




  1. Your staycation sounds fabulous, my friend!!! I've been feeling the same way, and for me it has a lot to do with weather changes and whatnot. Nothing like hunkering down with a good book in a cozy house.

    Glad you'll be joining in on the readathon!

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