Big News!

On Monday I had an ultrasound and guess what?  We’re having a girl!  I thought it was a girl and it is nice to know my instincts were right. 

Please let me formally introduce you to  Persephone Jane.

We liked Persephone when I was pregnant with Atticus and it was certainly a front runner girl name. There are several reasons why this is a perfect name:

  1. Persephone is fierce and feminine.  It has an origin in Greek Mythology.  It is pretty freaking metal, which was a requirement from Sam, and the name means Bringer of Destruction.  I know?  Metal is all get out. However, Persephone was also pretty close to her mom, Demeter, and springtime occurred when Hades would release Persephone to visit her mom. She is also the goddess of flowers and growing plants.  So we have metal badassery and dainty blossoms.  Sounds like the perfect little girl.
  2. It fits into the name style of our other kids, Hope and Atticus.  You may think that Hope certainly isn’t Mythological, but let me remind you that it was the only thing left in Pandora’s box.  Atticus is greek in origin, so Persephone fits right in.
  3. I HATE traditional nicknames for boy and girl names (Mandy, Will, Tommy, Suzie, bleh….) and I wanted an uncommon nickname.  We are going with the nickname of Persy.  Atticus can say it, it is unusual without being too weird, and it has an element of androgyny.  
  4. It has versatility.  Persephone can go by her full name, Persy, Persy Jane or even PJ.  
  5. Jane is for my three favorite Janes:  Jane Eyre, Jane Austen, and Jane Grey.
  6. I don’t think I even need to point out the other obvious literary connection.   Truth be told we almost named her Persephone Grey, but apparently there is a trashy fanfic writer with that handle.

We are so so so excited beyond excited.  Atticus wants a baby sister because his friend at daycare has one. Hope will be almost 13 years older than this baby and she is already talking about painting toenails, taking her shopping, and passing on her little girl toys.  Sam is happy that Persy will have an intimidating dad and an older brother who looks like he will be the size of a linebacker (and Hope thought her future dating life is gonna be rough).  And me?  I’m just happy.  Good ole bursting at the seams happy.



  1. Wow…the happiness and excitement that just came flying off this post! You made a pretty much total stranger grin from ear to ear with your joy! Congratulations!!!! And what a beautiful, beautiful name!

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