Oh My… How Pinteresting: 09/20/2012

I’m still Pinterest crazy…. here are some upcoming projects.  I realize that I eventually need to start making pins of the stuff I do and then share it.  Right now I’m using Pinterest as a way to gather links and ideas to cool things. Gotta give back one of these days!

Garden Monkey Bread with BACON.

This idea… but with autumnal craft paper!

This idea… but for the kids’ books and smaller stuffed animals.  Of course, they will go across and not up the wall (Atticus loves to climb!)
I need to my a cape for my resident super hero.  (no, Sam, not you).
This is happening soon.  Sweet Potato Muffins!

Well, that’s all for now, folks.  I’m slowly increasing my Pins Completed board.  Click below to follow me on Pinterest!

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One comment

  1. I find it ever so much easier to Pin than to follow-through… I love that you have a board for the things you've completed though–what a great idea!

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