Readerly Rambles: 04/18/2012

What I’ve Read:  I finished The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and I think I have a lot to say about the read, but I’m waiting until I read Lucasta Miller’s The Bronte Myth.  I enjoyed the book, until the last few chapters where everything ended nice and neatly.  I will say that of the sisters I think Anne isn’t the most gifted writer, but she does seem a bit more realistic in her portrayal of male cruelty.  The protagonist, Helen, is married to a jerk and the man whom she loves later is a farmer and I wasn’t too crazy about him.  There are no gloriously sexy brooding men.  Mr. Rochesters and Heathcliffs are not to be found and there is something refreshing about that.  I’m going to formulate my thoughts a bit more before I write about Tenant

What I’m Reading:  I’m still reading Quiet and I’m really enjoying it and learning quite a bit!  I haven’t actually cracked open The Bronte Myth but that’s the plan for tomorrow’s downtime.  I’ve also picked up The Collected Stories of Elizabeth Bowen.  Elizabeth Bowen is my favorite short story author and it is time for a re-read.  It makes for great lunch break reading or something to read just before bed.

What’s Up Next:  Readathon is this weekend!  Yay!  My goal is to read 500 pages.  In addition to The Bronte Myth and the Bowen Stories — I’m planning on being done with Quiet by Saturday — I have Memento Mori by Muriel Spark.  I’m supposed to save it for Muriel Spark reading next week, but…. I can’t wait.  The cover is pretty cool too.  I’m also contemplating an audiobook and I’ve gotten a ton of good recommendations.

Alrighty!  I’ll see you booknerds on Saturday for Readathon.  


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