Charles Dickens Month — The Rare Book Edition

A thousand — as Uriah Heep would say — humble apologies; I know I’m woefully late with this week’s Charles Dickens post and I could have titled it “The Better Late Than Never Post.” 

I’d like to share a bit of the Charles Dickens display I put together at my library with the help of our special collections curator/librarian and some ever-trusty work-study students. This week I’ll highlight two treasures from our Rare Book Gallery and next week I’ll work in a few pictures of the general display. 

Gasp!  What’s that!  The conclusion to The Mystery of Edwin Drood!  Can it be???  Did Dickens leave another manuscript?????

Alas, this is not Charles Dickens’s work.  Once attributed to Wilkie Collins, this hoax novel was written by Henry Morford.
According to the special collection curator, this book, and the companion Edwin Drood, had a Sotheby slip in stating that the set was “exceedingly rare.” 

OMG.  Look at the fancy edging!
Another fascinating find!  The library I work at has the entire serialized set of Our Mutual Friend
The serialized novel is resplendent with Victorian advertising. 

I was squealing — quietly — when I was able to help select and arrange these precious items.  I can’t wait to explore our Rare Book Collection much more thoroughly in the future. 



  1. Wow. I loved the look at the orignal serialization copies. I used to have the idea that Dickens' novels were serialized in newspapers, like a syndicated column. Nope!

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